Electrical and Computer Engineering Labs

A collage of photos. On the left a faculty member is instructing students and on the right students are working on electronics

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department has numerous labs facilities for its students to use. Most of the labs are housed in the Engineering Building and Garland Hall. One of the first labs ECE students will use is a general teaching lab this lab has materials needed for building LEGO robots for ECE 102, the space to allow students to work on senior design projects, and has recently been used for prototyping.

students working in an ece labDuring students' second year in the ECE department, lab facilities are used mainly to teach circuits and electronics. This lab provides students with computers and software to virtually test their designs and helps them learn the basics. As students progress, they are introduced to more of the innovative technology available to them. For example, in the Controls lab, students can work with the inverted pendulum which is a cart on a track which causes a pendulum to swing, once the pendulum is above the cart, the cart balances the pendulum so it does not fall back down. The labs are very hands-on and allow students to get an idea of what they could be working on in the future.

In addition to the teaching labs, many ECE faculty are conducting their own research which students can get involved in. A team of students and faculty worked on creating an autonomic snow plow for a competition, named RedBlade, it ended up placing first in a national competition. In addition, the lab where RedBlade was worked on recently obtained a new circuit board manufacturing machine which will allow students and faculty to actually create their own board to meet their needs. The communications research lab contains a quiet box which allows it to be totally isolated from any outside frequencies or other interferences. Visit the ECE facilities page for more information about the department's facilities.