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Engineers and computer scientists don't just solve problems - they change the world. You'll provide solutions to society's most pressing issues by working to improve the human condition through the products and systems we rely on. Follow your passion and learn how to use ingenuity and imagination to impact the world positively.

Get to know Miami's College of Engineering and Computing

At Miami University, we offer hands-on engineering and computing courses with small class sizes and big career impact.

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With an Engineering or Computer Science degree, you'll have the flexibility to work for niche businesses or global corporations. Pursue innovative research in law or medicine, or even start your own company.

Computer scientists and software engineers work across many industries, from banking or finance to insurance, automotive, manufacturing, or Big Tech. Software engineers gather requirements to design, test, and maintain large software systems. Computer scientists design and implement new algorithms to solve problems and produce efficient solutions.

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Design, develop and enhance machines, systems, processes, and products. You'll learn the skills needed to create sustainable, efficient, and effective solutions for a wide range of industries, including energy, transportation, space, food, health care, manufacturing, and technology.

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You will learn how to design, develop, research, and test a variety of systems, including computer networks, power grids, renewable energy, and biomedical devices. Your skills will also enable you to understand and aid in the advancement of computer technology.

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Develop and design efficient chemical manufacturing processes and create new products for the food, energy, fuels, chemicals, environmental, and materials industries. You will gain opportunities that can lead to a consulting career or a career working in design, sales, or laboratory and research.

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Discover how to design and conduct research and development, use your skills in manufacturing and sales, or become an entrepreneur or a health care manager. Looking for something more? Use this degree as a step to complete an advanced degree in medicine or a track in graduate research studies.

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Work on advanced manufacturing platforms, smart homes, and cities using artificial intelligence, or develop, design, and build autonomous systems. You will look at various ways to improve current automated systems, robots, or techniques and test methods to advance the field of robotics and automation.

Chemical/Mechanical Engineers or Engineering Management majors support paper and packaging products and work to increase efficiency, sustainability, and productivity in the pulp and paper industry.

Commitment to Social Engagement

There are several unique factors that blend together to make Miami University’s College of Engineering and Computing (CEC) the right place to focus on socially engaged engineering and computing. Faculty and students, supported by all CEC constituents, working together to advance the idea of improving the general well-being of individuals and societies through integrating social and technical aspects into our pedagogical, design and scholarly endeavors as a practice and field of inquiry. We intended to accelerate the social benefits of technological innovation, by ensuring our graduates understand user/community needs and incorporate this into their future designs.

Experiential Learning Through a Global Lens

Start where the leading professionals did.


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of undergraduates earn credit studying abroad


countries offer experiential education opportunities abroad

Centers and Institutes

Center for Assistive Technology

The Center for Assistive Technology is an interdisciplinary center working collaboratively with Scripps Gerontology Center as well as the Center for Social Entrepreneurship in Farmer School of Business.

Lilly Leadership Institute

The Lilly Leadership Institute is working to cultivate leaders who will flourish in their professions and lives by

  • Thinking strategically
  • Working collaboratively with others
  • Effectively communicating their ideas
  • Finding innovative solutions to society's most complex problems

Paper Science and Engineering Foundation

The Paper Science and Engineering Foundation augments the academic curriculum delivered by the Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical Engineering (CPB) Department. We provide the little things that make a big difference to the students: merit-based scholarships and key networking contacts to get great jobs.

Center for Cybersecurity

At Miami University's Center for Cybersecurity, we bring together experts from across the university, encompassing the fields of computer information technology, computer science, information systems and analytics, and political science.

Take Part In Engaged Learning

Our commitment to undergraduate education focuses on small class sizes with a 16:1 student-faculty ratio. That means you'll have the opportunity to work on real-world, hands-on research alongside professors who inspire, encourage, and push you to forge your own path. Our dedicated faculty also serve as mentors, guiding you as you publish scholarly articles or pursue patents.

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Find a Career-Focused Education

Gain skills that will carry you beyond your first job.

Develop Beyond the Typical Degree

Our graduates have Imagination, Ingenuity, and Impact! You'll graduate with the technical skills to improve societies, accelerate the social benefits of technological innovation, and understand how to reinvent yourself in a rapidly changing world. And, with our 4+1 combined degree programs, you can obtain a bachelor's and master's degree within five years.

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Transformational Learning

Miami’s CEC programs sit at the leading edge of research and are built on sound technical foundations. Our faculty constantly research new solutions to solve challenges, simplify life, and enhance work with access to local industry leaders like P&G, GE Aviation, and the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. As you develop societal solutions through innovation and technology, your academic experiences will seamlessly prepare you to transition into the real world.

Impact Beyond the Numbers

Your work on the world's grand challenges will expand past formulas and code. As a residential school with a robust campus life, Miami's concept of a well-rounded education means having a rich, socially engaged extracurricular experience is just as important as your coursework.

The College of Engineering and Computing

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