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Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Engineers design and build things. Practically every company that designs and produces a product employs a mechanical engineer. But mechanical engineers can also be found in research labs, the military, government, and in other professions such as medicine, law or teaching. When a need comes about for a new or improved product, companies call upon mechanical engineers to do the job. Engineers have to push beyond the limits of their previous work and use innovative technology to meet project requirements successfully. They are critical in all kinds of manufacturing, especially at the earliest stages when products and processes are being created and refined. Manufacturing engineering jobs require technical skills and knowledge, attention to detail, and creativity. Working as an engineer in manufacturing, you gain all the professional advantages of working in an increasingly high-tech industry plus solving problems that affect your community and the world. You also have the personal satisfaction of contributing to a key sector of the economy.

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The Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (MME) offers majors in Smart Manufacturing Engineering (MFG), Mechanical Engineering (MCH) and Engineering Management with a Manufacturing Engineering Technical Specialty (EGM) leading to a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree.

Mechanical Engineering Minor

The Mechanical Engineering minor provides fundamentals of mechanical engineering, including a variety of industrial applications involving product design, experimental analysis, and engineering modeling techniques. It combines a strong base in engineering science with project-based laboratory and design experience.

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering is offered by the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. Your course of study includes Advanced Mechanics of Materials, Control of Dynamic Systems, and Mechanical Behavior of Materials as well as additional courses in mechanical engineering, science, mathematics, and computer engineering. Both a research-based thesis option and a project-based non-thesis option are offered.

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Help us elevate the next generation of mechanical and manufacturing engineers — and our society as a whole. We have numerous scholarships, grants and programs accepting contributions from donors like you.

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Undergraduate Admission

Prospective students interested in applying for the mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, or engineering management degree programs should visit the university admission site to begin and complete the process. There are no additional steps required for admission to college of engineering and computing degree programs.

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Graduate Admission

Prospective students interested in applying for the MS program in Mechanical Engineering should visit the MME graduate studies page for more information.

It is also highly recommended that prospective graduate students contact MME faculty to discuss their research interests.

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Garland Hall, Room 56
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