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MME Majors and Minor

One important decision you need to make as you consider your career interests and goals is your major. The Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (MME) offers majors in Smart Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Engineering Management with a Manufacturing Engineering Technical Specialty, which all lead to a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree. These majors have similarities but are also unique in their own important ways.

Mechanical Engineering Major

Mechanical Engineering encompasses analysis and design of products and mechanical components of machines and systems. It requires the ability to do the following

  • understand and apply math, science, and engineering science
  • Research concepts and apply modeling methods
  • Simulate and test working conditions and their impact on the designed systems
  • Synthesize different elements in order to obtain the optimum design of a specific product.

Graduates have the opportunity to work in a diverse spectrum of professional fields. These vary from research to design, development to manufacturing, and technical sales to production. Many mechanical engineers work in manufacturing related areas, in the analysis and design of varied products, and in non-technical sectors of the economy. Graduates will also be prepared to continue their education at the graduate level if they desire to do so. Graduating seniors are encouraged to take the Fundamentals of Engineering examination, which is the first of two examinations that lead to becoming a licensed professional engineer.

The current requirements are listed below, but please check with an academic advisor for your specific requirements.

engineering lab

Smart Manufacturing Engineering Major

Manufacturing continues to remain one of the leading contributors to the national GDP, and the growth and innovation within nearly all sectors of manufacturing can be attributed to data-driven solutions.   Smart or intelligent manufacturing technologies being applied to increase productivity, improve quality, and reduce costs include digital engineering/design/manufacturing, robotics and automation, real-time data analytics, lean and agile process management, six sigma statistical process control, and additive manufacturing. Smarter, automated and more flexible companies need academically qualified and skilled manufacturing engineers.

Engineering Management Major

Engineering management offers an interdisciplinary approach to address the complexities in today's workplace. This program also provides a diverse academic background, including engineering, business, science, mathematics, and the liberal arts.

The Mechanical and Manufacturing Department offers a Manufacturing Engineering concentration of Engineering Management, which addresses product and process design. It requires the ability to:

  • Plan the practices of manufacturing
  • Research and develop tools, manufacturing processes, machines and equipment, and control strategies
  • Integrate the facilities and systems so that quality products can be produced at a competitive cost.

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

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