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Internships and Co-ops

Internship/Co-op FAQs

What’s the difference between a co-op and an internship?

Co-op students alternate between work and school every other academic term, including summers. For example, during the summer of your 2nd year in school you may have your first work assignment, in the fall you would return to school for a semester, in the spring you would return to work with the same employer, and again in the summer you would take classes.

An internship is a work experience for a semester or during the summer. It allows the company to hire a student to work on a special project or fill a short-term need. Sometimes a student can have an internship with the same employer for two or more summers, while other students work two or more summers but with different employers each time.

If I am interested in either a co-op or internship what do I have to do?

Register with the Center for Career Exploration and Success. Follow the prompts on the linked page to search, apply, and receive credit for your internship.

The Department is not responsible for placing you in a position. We are here to assist you by making information on opportunities available. Information we receive on opportunities will be emailed. Students should also check the Center for Career Exploration and Success website on a regular basis.

How soon may I begin an internship or co-op?

You may begin an internship or co-op as early as the summer following your freshman year, depending on the company. Most students, however, wait until after their sophomore year. Students doing a co-op usually do their first rotation in the spring or summer of their sophomore year. Check with your MME advisor to discuss your academic and career plans.

Course Registration

It is essential that you register for a Professional Practice course (see below) when away on co-op/intern assignment. There is no charge for registering for this course, since you register it for zero credit hours. The course records your coop/internship experience on your transcript as well as retains your “enrolled status” for spring and fall. This also enables the Registrar’s Office to forward upcoming registration information to you while you are on assignment.

  • Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical Engineering - CPB 340
  • Computer Science and Software Engineering - CSE 320
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering - ECE 340
  • Mechanical Engineering - MME 340

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