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Leadership and Employment Opportunities

The Rinella Learning Center provides a wealth of leadership and employment opportunities to students. Through these experiences, students gain skills that will make them more attractive to potential employers and improve their chances of attending graduate and professional schools. We frequently hire graduate students to serve in our office as Graduate Assistants, and hire undergraduate students as Tutors, Supplemental Instruction Leaders, and Learning Ambassadors; we also offer opportunities for students to become Undergraduate Associates and learn more about academic careers.

Tutor Opportunities

We accept inquiries from candidates interested in becoming a tutor on a continuous basis. As we continue to review our needs each semester, qualified applicants will be contacted via email to schedule an interview.

If you are interested in being a tutor, please contact

SI Leader Opportunities

The Bernard B. Rinella, Jr. Learning Center may be the place for you if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Helping students
  • Reviewing course information
  • Developing communication and interpersonal skills
  • Working closely with a Miami University faculty member.
  • Holding a unique leadership position on campus.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders are integral members of the Rinella Learning Center staff who work toward the mission of helping students reach their individual academic goals by empowering them with skills needed to be independent and successful learners.

The SI Leader job responsibilities include:

  • Attend the beginning of the semester training and orientation.
  • Complete one semester of training through EDT 310 (Methods for Tutoring Adults), a one credit hour course.
  • Communicate with the cooperating SI professor/instructor on a weekly basis and collaborate on ideas for future sessions.
  • Hold two SI sessions per week using collaborative learning techniques.
  • Record and enter attendance electronically using TutorTrac after every SI session.
  • Attend every targeted course class.
  • Focus on helping students "learn how to learn" the course content.
  • Help students refine learning strategies, such as note taking and organizing, steps from problem solving, memory skills, self-testing, test preparation and test taking.
  • Meet with graduate assistants twice in the semester to debrief SI session observations.

We pay SI Leaders $8.35 per hour and this rate is given for time spent in class and SI sessions, doing prep work and meeting with the instructor. Generally SI Leaders work 6-10 hours per week. SI Leaders must have a 3.0 GPA (earned at Miami University) in the courses they hold SI sessions for and maintain a 2.76 cumulative GPA.

In order to become a SI Leader you will need to:

  • Complete a Pre-application Screen Form and submit it to room 306 Shriver Center (SHC) or via email to
  • Complete the job application through PageUp (link will be provided by the SI Coordinator).
  • Complete an interview with the SI Coordinator
  • SI Leaders will be approved through HR and will be required to complete an I-9 form and other necessary paperwork.

Learning Ambassadors

Our office is a busy operation! That's why we rely on our staff of student Learning Ambassadors. If you are interested in learning more about the Learning Ambassador position, please call our main office at 513-529-8741.

Learning Ambassadors are students who have connected with our services and who have expressed interest in, and aptitude for, clerical work. Typical tasks for Learning Ambassadors include answering questions about our services, scheduling appointments, and greeting visitors as they enter our office.

These are paid positions in which students gain valuable experience navigating an office setting. Our Learning Ambassadors are frequently the first contact incoming students, parents, and community members have with our office, and we depend upon them to represent the Rinella Learning Center with thoughtfulness and care.

Undergraduate Associates

The Undergraduate Associates program allows students to work with a Miami University faculty member to explore careers in academia. Students who complete the program requirements may also receive a notation on their transcript highlighting their completion of the Undergraduate Associate program.

Students assist a faculty member with their academic and professional responsibilities, including:

  • Teaching
  • Assisting with Labs
  • Responding to Student Work
  • Engaging in Research

Graduate Opportunities

The Rinella Learning Center (RLC) employs graduate students in an hourly paid position called a Graduate Internship. Graduate Interns assist full-time RLC staff with a variety of tasks throughout the center's functional areas. Responsibilities may include teaching, academic coaching, and administrative work. The number of positions and availability varies depending on the center's needs in a given semester. 

Goals for Rinella Learning Center Graduate Internships:

  • Develop better teaching, training, and facilitation skills.
  • Develop supervisory and administrative skills.
  • Gain a better understanding of student development in the arena of academics.
  • Develop basic intervention and academic counseling skills.
  • Develop working relationships with Learning Specialists and other Student Affairs professionals.

Basic position qualifications: Must be a current Miami University graduate student; strong organizational skills; computer skills; have the ability to work effectively with a diverse undergraduate student population.

Preferred position qualifications: Post-college work experience; academic discipline expertise (i.e., math, economics, accounting, etc.); tutoring, peer advising, or academic counseling experience; teaching and facilitation experience.

Additional information can be obtained by emailing Dr. Golden Fanning at

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