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Leadership and Service Certificate

The Wilks Institute Leadership and Service Certificate (LSC) program challenges students to examine leadership from diverse perspectives and encourages reflection into their own leadership skills, values, and beliefs. The Wilks LSC is self-paced, and designed to allow students to explore areas of leadership that are unique to them. Through collaboration with community partners, student leaders, faculty, and staff, the Wilks LSC will support the development of engaged leaders focused on ethical leadership and advancing community priorities.

Requirements for completing the Wilks Leadership and Service Certificate include:

  • Program orientation (offered 1-2 times per semester)
  • Participation in a variety of leadership and service opportunities offered by the Wilks Institute and Wilks Institute partners
  • Intentional reflection assignments 
  • Final project

Leadership and service opportunities will be offered at a wide variety of days and times, and touch on many different topics. Students may also submit opportunities outside of the Wilks Institute for consideration.

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Start Your Leadership Journey

Diane PerlmutterThe Perlmutter Leadership Conference provides an opportunity for participants to explore their own personal leadership values through the lens of Gallup Clifton Strengths. The conference will include a deeper dive into the strengths-based approach as you participate in activities and discussions that explore your innate leadership talents. Prior to attending, all participants take the Clifton Strengths assessment to identify each participant's top 5 talents. During the conference, students are introduced to strengths-based leadership and will participate in many hands-on, discussion-based activities to explore their natural talents.

Highlights of Perlmutter include:

  • Opportunity for students to take the Clifton Strengths assessment
  • In-depth workshops to explore and learn how to apply their top five Strengths to their classes and careers
  • Engagement with local and regional community leaders


Harry T. Wilks Institute for Leadership and Service

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