Review Technology Resources

The following resources relate to teaching and learning technologies:

  • Canvas Instructor Guides: How-to guides produced by Canvas that walk instructors through every imaginable task in the learning management system.
  • Canvas Video Tutorials for Instructors: This section of Canvas's Community website has a playlist of video tutorials for many of the system's features specifically for instructors. 
  • Canvas Knowledge Base: A list of guides and frequently asked questions about Canvas created by Miami's IT Services department. 
  • Webex Video Tutorials: A playlist of short how-to videos produced by Cisco Webex that show how to use its web conferencing platform.
  • Webex Knowledge Base: A list of guides and frequently asked questions about Webex created by Miami's IT Services department.
  • Virtual Conferencing Triage Guide: A guide to triaging, adjusting, and adapting your course when technology (such as Webex) isn't cooperating. (Also available as a printable Google Doc.)

Review Pedagogical Resources

The following resources pertain to remote delivery and/or online learning pedagogy:

Student Support

Providing Disability Accommodations During Remote Delivery

Disability accommodations must be provided during remote delivery. Student Disability Services recommends the following strategies to ensure continuity of accommodations:

  • Check your SAM: Students Accessing Miami Faculty Portal to determine students who are eligible for disability accommodations. 
  • Extended testing time (e.g. 150% and 200%) should be provided for all timed assessments. Follow the instructions to provide extended time in Canvas.
  • Student Disability Services will contact all instructors who have students using vision or hearing accommodations to develop a continuity plan. 
  • Individuals who experience or anticipate a disability-related barrier to using remote delivery tools should report an accessibility issue
  • Students who disclose new or additional disability-related needs should be referred to Student Disability Services at
  • If you have questions or concerns about the accessibility of your remote delivery course content, please contact


Ensuring the accessibility of remote delivery course content improves learning for all students. Learn more about accessibility best practices that can enhance your course. 

Accommodations for Testing

If you are having the entirety of your class take an exam online, you have the ability to accommodate students (i.e. by extending their time or allowing additional attempts to reflect individual accommodations). The Rinella Learning Center Testing Center will continue to be available to proctor in-person exams if needed.

Remote Academic Advising

Advisors are encouraged to make use of remote advising while the university is utilizing remote delivery of instruction. Professional advisors are asked to follow the directions from their Assistant Dean for remote advising. Best practice for faculty advisors indicates that Google Hangouts are useful for advisors and advisees in one-on-one, group, and drop-in advising sessions. Many details about using Google Hangouts can be found on Google's Hangouts support site.

One benefit of using Google Hangouts is that everyone at Miami has a Google account, so all users are verifiable through the system.

If a user cannot access Google from their location, many of the same functions can be found in WebEx and WeChat (a popular platform in China).

Users who anticipate or experience a disability-related barrier to using Google Hangouts are encouraged to contact to request a reasonable accommodation. WebEx may be used as an alternative platform for hearing accommodations.

One-on-One Advising (Preferred)

Advisors can arrange remote one-on-one meetings with advisees through Google Hangouts. Advisors may ask students to schedule their meetings through Navigate, or they may prefer to arrange these meetings through email or the calendar feature in Google or Canvas. Meetings can be delivered using any combination of text, audio, and video features—although a video call may be preferable as the advisor and advisee can also utilize screen sharing during the advising session.

It is recommended that the advisor pull up a student's Degree Audit in another window before the advising session begins. The advisor may also want to share a Google Doc with the student during the session. 

When the advising session is finished, advisors should record their advising notes in Navigate.

Group Advising

Advisors can schedule remote group advising sessions in much the same way as one-on-one advising. Be aware that FERPA requirements mandate that personal information about a student cannot be shared with other students, so screen sharing should only be used for information that would be common to all students in the advising session.

Drop-in Advising (Advanced)

Advisors may want to hold remote open advising office hours where advisees can drop in without an appointment. To do this, an advisor can set up a room in Google Hangouts and notify advisees of the open time. The advisor can manage advisees who are waiting in the queue for the meeting and invite them in one at a time. This strategy requires additional management on the part of the advisor and is less preferable to one-on-one scheduled advising.

If you have any questions about remote advising, please feel free to contact your divisional advising office from the list below or work with a colleague who has experience in this area.

Divisional Contacts

Midterm Grades Extension

As we know, University policy requires the submission of midterm grades for students meeting the midterm grade criteria, and we strongly encourage midterm grade feedback for all other students.  With the move to remote instruction it will be more important than ever to ensure that our students receive meaningful feedback on their academic performance thus far in the semester, and midterm grades are a valuable performance indicator.

To facilitate midterm grade submission, the deadline is being extended from Friday, March 20, to Friday, April 3 at noon. On Friday, March 20 we will make all submitted midterm grades viewable to students, and we will continue to keep the midterm grade submission application open for faculty to continue to submit until noon, Friday, April 3.

Questions regarding midterm grade submission can be directed to the Office of the University Registrar at, 513/529-8703.

Adjusting Study Habits for Remote Learning

The Rinella Learning Center has developed a robust resource for students during remote instruction. View the step-by-step guide on their website: Adjusting Study Habits for Remote Learning.

Continuity of Education Coordinators Network

During this unprecedented change across the university, we have mobilized a vast network of Continuity of Education (CoE) coordinators in every academic division and department. This also includes a multitude of faculty ambassadors who are experienced at online instruction and willing to consult with and support their colleagues.

We encourage faculty to connect with their divisional and departmental coordinators (as well as other faculty in their department):

College of Arts and Science

Divisional CoE Coordinator:

Tim Kuykendoll


Departmental CoE Coordinators & Ambassadors:

Aerospace Studies

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Matt Goodman



Departmental CoE Coordinator: Mark Peterson



Departmental CoE Coordinator: Tom Crist

Faculty Mentor: Tracy Haynes

Faculty Mentor: Hank Stevens


Chemistry & Biochemistry

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Rick Page



Departmental CoE Coordinator: Ryan Barilleaux


Comparative Religion

Departmental CoE Coordinator: TBD



Departmental CoE Coordinator: Madelyn Detloff

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Andrew Hebard

Faculty Mentor: Sara Webb-Sunderhaus (Composition)

Faculty Mentor:  Katie Johnson (Literature)

Faculty Mentor: Cris Cheek

Faculty Mentor: Jim Porter (Prof Writing)

Faculty Mentor: Gabriele Bechtel (ESL)

Faculty Mentor: Beth Rimer (Ohio Writing Project)

Faculty Mentor: Gwen Etter Lewis (Linguistics)


Environment and Sustainability

Departmental CoE Coordinator: TBD


French & Italian

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Jonathan Strauss

Faculty Mentor: Elizabeth Hodges

Faculty Mentor: Anna Klosowska



Departmental CoE Coordinator: Marcia England

Faculty Mentor: Bruce D'Arcus

Faculty Mentor: Jessica McCarty-Kern

Faculty Mentor: David Prytherch


Geology & Environmental Earth Science

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Liz Widom

Faculty Mentor: Todd Dupont


German, Russian, Asian & Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Gretchen Ziolkowski

Faculty Mentor: Nicole Thesz


Global & Intercultural Studies

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Walt Vanderbush

Faculty Mentor: Rodney Coates

Faculty Mentor: Helen Sheumaker

Faculty Mentor: Carey Hardin



Departmental CoE Coordinator: Wietse de Boer

Faculty Mentor: Nishani Frazier

Faculty Mentor: Martin Johnson

Faculty Mentor: Andrew Offenburger



Departmental CoE Coordinator: Paddy Dowling

Faculty Mentor: Laura Anderson

Faculty Mentor: Andy Terpstra


Media, Journalism & Film

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Bruce Drushel

Faculty Mentor: Dan Behnke



Departmental CoE Coordinator: Luis Actis


Naval Science

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Matthew Donahue



Departmental CoE Coordinator: Elaine Miller



Departmental CoE Coordinator: Herb Jaeger

Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Blue


Political Science

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Mark Morris

Faculty Mentor: Ann Wainscott



Departmental CoE Coordinator: Elise Clerkin

Faculty Mentor: Brooke Spangler Cropenbaker


Sociology & Gerontology

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Steve Lippmann

Faculty Mentor: Aaron Abbott

Faculty Mentor: James Meeker


Spanish & Portuguese

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Ryan Barilleaux


Speech Pathology & Audiology

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Susan Brehm

Faculty Mentor: Megan Gross



Departmental CoE Coordinator: Jing Zhang

Faculty Mentor: Lynette Hudiburgh


Western (Individualized Studies)

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Nik Money

College of Creative Arts

Divisional CoE Coordinator:

Bev Thomas


Departmental CoE Coordinators & Ambassadors:

Architecture & Interior Design

Departmental CoE Coordinator: John Humphries



Departmental CoE Coordinator: Rob Robbins

Faculty Mentor: Stephanie Baer

Faculty Mentor: Dennis Cheatham

Faculty Mentor: Zack Tucker


Emerging Technology, Business & Design

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Sarah Frick



Departmental CoE Coordinator: Brian Meyers



Departmental CoE Coordinator: Gion DeFrancesco

College of Engineering and Computing

Divisional CoE Coordinator:

Scott Campbell


Departmental CoE Coordinators & Ambassadors:

Chemical, Paper & Biomedical Engineering

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Keith Hohn

Faculty Mentor: Andrew Paluch


Computer Science & Software Engineering

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Jim Kiper

Faculty Mentor: David Scoville

Faculty Mentor: Scott Campbell


Electrical & Computer Engineering

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Peter Jamieson


Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

Departmental CoE Coordinator:  Amit Shukla

Faculty Mentor: Kumar Singh

Faculty Mentor: Carter Hamilton

Faculty Mentor: Jeong Hoi Koo


College of Education, Health and Society

Divisional CoE Coordinator:

Jessica Williamson


Departmental CoE Coordinators & Ambassadors:

Educational Leadership

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Brittany Aronson

Faculty Mentor: Durrell Callier


Educational Psychology

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Amity Noltemeyer

Faculty Mentor: Jason Abbitt


Family Sciences & Social Work

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Elise Radina

Faculty Mentor: Megan Kuykendoll


Kinesiology & Health

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Nancy Malay

Faculty Mentor: Brody Ruihley


Teacher Education

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Michelle Cosmah

Faculty Mentor: Sheri Leafgren

Faculty Mentor: Catherine Haerr

Faculty Mentor: Todd Edwards

Faculty Mentor: Kim Wachenheim

Faculty Mentor: Brian Schultz

Farmer School of Business

Divisional CoE Coordinator:

Rebecca Keasling


Departmental CoE Coordinators & Ambassadors:


Departmental CoE Coordinator: Andrew Reffett

Faculty Mentor: Katie Tew



Departmental CoE Coordinator: Melissa Thomasson

Faculty Mentor: Janice Kinghorn



Departmental CoE Coordinator:  Tim Holcomb

Faculty Mentor:  Michael Conger

Faculty Mentor: Jim Johnson



Departmental CoE Coordinator: Joel Harper

Faculty Mentor: Chelsea Green (Business Law)

Faculty Mentor: David Yin (Finance)


Information Systems & Analytics

Departmental CoE Coordinator: T.M. Rajkumar



Departmental CoE Coordinator: Bryan Ashenbaum

Faculty Mentor: Monique Murfield



Departmental CoE Coordinator: Mike McCarthy

Faculty Mentor: Terri Barr

Faculty Mentor: John Bosarge

Faculty Mentor: Jim Coyle

Faculty Mentor: Eric Stenstrom

Faculty Mentor: Sanjay Puligadda

College of Liberal Arts and Applied Science

Divisional CoE Coordinator:

Janet Hurn


Departmental CoE Coordinators & Ambassadors:

Biological Sciences

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Al Cady



Departmental CoE Coordinator:Tom Mays


Computer & Information Technology

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Marianne Murphy


Education & Society

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Garry Bowyer

Faculty Mentor: Ally Murphy

Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Mysona


Engineering Technology

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Mert Bal


Humanities & Creative Arts

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Roscoe Wilson

Faculty Mentor: Andrew Au

Faculty Mentor: Brian Domino

Faculty Mentor: Martin Johnson

Faculty Mentor: Marsha Robinson

Faculty Mentor: Cecilia Suhr

Faculty Mentor: Amber Stitt

Faculty Mentor: George Vascik


Interdisciplinary & Communication Studies

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Helane Androne


Justice & Community Studies

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Steve Bailey


Languages, Literatures & Writing

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Leah Henson

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Marianne Cotugno

Faculty Mentor: Linh Dich

Faculty Mentor: Jill Gomez

Faculty Mentor: Leah Henson


Mathematical & Physical Sciences

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Vahagn Manukian



Departmental CoE Coordinator: Brooker Flinders


Social & Behavioral Sciences

Departmental CoE Coordinator: Barbara Oswald

MUDEC: Luxembourg

Divisional CoE Coordinator:

Philippe Briot

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