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Miami University, established in 1809, is ranked among the top 50 national public universities by U.S. News & World Report. As an original Public Ivy, Miami provides Ivy League-quality education at a public school price with an exceptional return on investment. Miami is a place where ambitious students find their purpose and prepare for a lifetime of success.

What Sets Us Apart

Learn what drives us as an institution and what makes Miami so special.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission statement espouses the values that we uphold as a major university with a "small college" feel—loyalty, integrity, compassion, curiosity, and a lifelong commitment to learning.

Global Initiatives

Life-changing, community-impacting education reaches across borders and cultures to inspire curiosity and innovation. At Miami, we work to cultivate respect, inclusiveness, and cultural competence by providing global educational opportunities to every student.

Leadership and Administration

Along with the Board of Trustees, our University President sets the vision, direction, and priorities of the University, ensuring that all demonstrate a commitment to broad student accessibility and success. Meet them and the other administrators working tirelessly to ensure academic success and fiscal responsibility across all campuses.

The Office of Transformational and Inclusive Excellence

Above all, our goal is to create a diverse and inclusive culture based on a shared commitment to learning. We do not discriminate based on race/ethnicity, sex/sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability, class, age, military status, national origin, pregnancy, religion or veteran status. We celebrate our differences with programs and resources designed to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our faculty and student body.

Campus Facilities and Services

Whether you find yourself on our renowned Oxford campus or one of our impressive regional campuses, you will discover spaces designed to spark creativity with modern amenities to create a welcoming and inclusive experience.

Miami at a Glance

Experiences that will set you apart from your peers and help you gain the skills that employers and graduate schools covet.


undergraduate and graduate students study in Oxford

Miami University Data


Among Public Universities in the United States for Four-Year Graduation Rate

The Chronicle of Higher Education Almanac

Top 50

National Public University

U.S. News & World Report, 2022

Our Partnerships

Research Partners

As the home base for hundreds of research programs and projects, Miami consistently attracts outside organizations seeking our expertise and specialized technical capabilities. Our numerous centers and institutes assist these organizations, as well as students and faculty, in establishing these partnerships — while facilitating research, consulting, and development.

Miami Tribe Relations

The relationship between Miami University and the sovereign Miami Tribe of Oklahoma is more than a partnership. Over the past half-century, it has become an integral connection that illuminates our path toward a healthy future of inclusion and understanding.

Global Partnerships

Miami currently has relationships with more than 50 institutions abroad. Through these relationships, we are able to further facilitate global student and faculty exchange, joint and dual degree programs, collaborative research, e-learning, and other educational activities.

Community Colleges

Through our partnerships, students of the following community colleges can transfer to Miami seamlessly with credits intact: Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, Columbus State Community College, Cuyahoga Community College, Sinclair Community College, and Stark State Community College.

love and honor

History and Traditions

Traditions bind us to this place and to one another. They are the foundations upon which memories — and an amazing future — are built. Learn about the icons that fuel lifelong memories.

Lantern in Upham Arch Miami Seal in center of the hub -- don't step on it.
Rubbing the turtle's head on sundial brings good luck before an exam.
Oxford Memorial Park


There’s a lot to say about one of America’s most beautiful campuses. Find out why so many choose Miami for their most memorable years.


The big question is, “Where will you go after college?” With a degree from Miami University, the answer is, “Wherever you want.”