Labor Law Posters

The US Department of Labor and the Ohio Department of Commerce requires that all applicable workers' rights posters be displayed in conspicuous areas on each Miami campus for easy viewing. Failure to post or inaccurate postings can result in substantial fines and possible legal ramifications. Shown below are electronic copies of the required posters for Miami University and the physical locations on each campus where you can view them. Please contact the Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity with any questions at 513-529-7157.

Poster Locations

Oxford Campus

  • University Advancement
    a. Glos Hall copier/mail room
    b. Advancement building break room
    c. 616 Chestnut (house/office) copier/mail room
    d. Murstein copier/mail room
  • Armstrong
    a. Student Life 3012D
    b. Career Services 0053 – break room
    c. Basement entrance – facing Upham
  • Cole Services
    a. Main hallway - bulletin board
  • Center for Performing Arts
    a. Hallway bulletin board (near room 105)
  • Farmer School of Business
    a. Back hallway bulletin board – Kitchen area of Dividends
  • Garden Commons
    a. Break room
  • Garland Hall
    a. Faculty break room 140
  • Goggin Ice Center
    a. 2nd floor administrative offices
    b. Lower level maintenance break room
  • Hanna House
    a. Kitchen bulletin board
  • Health Services Center
    a. Break room bulletin board
  • IT Services Hoyt Hall
    a. 2nd floor staff break room
    b. 2nd floor exterior entryway
  • King Library
    a. Bulletin board – Right hallway after entering
    b. Lower level dining break room
  • Laws Hall
    a. Copier/mail room Laws 120
  • Maplestreet Station
    a. Lower level break room
  • Martin Dining Hall
    a. Lower level break room
  • McGuffey Hall
    a. Dean’s office copier/mail room 207
  • Millett Hall
    a. Room 230 – Bulletin board in administrative offices
  • Nellie Craig Walker Hall
    a. Upstairs break room bulletin board
  • Police Services Building
    a. Break room – (Need to be escorted to area)
  • Rec Sports Center
    a. 2nd floor administrative offices (by time clock)
    b. Lower level maintenance break room
  • Roudebush Hall
    a. 1st floor entrance (facing Laws)
  • Shriver Center
    a. Room 207A Staff offices – On cabinets
    b. Starbuck’s back office
  • Steam Plant
    a. Break room
  • Upham Hall
    a. Deans office copier/mail room 143
  • Warfield Hall
    a. Lower level break room
  • Western Dining Hall
    a. Lower level break room

Regional Campuses

  • Conservatory - Office hallway
  • Gymnasium - Back hallway
  • Grounds Garage - Office wall
  • Mosler Hall - South stairwell, 1st floor
  • Phelps Hall - South stairwell, 1st floor
  • Rentschler Hall - Front lobby bulletin board, 1st floor
  • Schwarm Hall - First floor wall
  • University Hall - Break room
  • Wilks Conference Center - Back hallway on west wall


  • Gardner Harvey Library – Library back office bulletin board
  • Levey Hall – Downstairs bulletin board near elevator
  • Thesken Hall – 1st floor bulletin board near elevator
  • Bennett Rec Center – Room 99B
  • Maintenance Barn – Office Room 101
  • Book Depository – Back left wall bulletin board

Voice of America

  • South hallway common area bulletin board