Intercultural Competence




Recommended Books

Book Title



The Diversity Gap Bethaney Wilkinson Where Good Intentions Meet True Cultural Change
How the Other Half Eats Priya Fielding The Untold Story of Food and Inequality in America
Culturally Speaking Rhona B. Genzel Culturally Speaking builds useful, comfortable, communication skills in a new culture through an interactive exploration of everyday experiences. Students share their own cultural thoughts and traditions and compare them with contemporary American customs and everyday situations.
We Move Together Kelly Fritsch "We Move Together follows a mixed-ability group of kids as they creatively negotiate everyday barriers and find joy and connection in disability culture and community"
En Comunidad: Lessons for Centering the Voices and Experiences of Bilingual Latinx Students Carla Espana En Comunidad brings bilingual Latinx students' perspectives to the center of our classrooms. Its culturally and linguistically sustaining lessons begin with a study of language practices in students' lives and texts, helping both children and teachers think about their ideas on language
Global Indigenous Communities: Historical and Contemporary Issues in Indigeneity Lavonna L. Lovern An academic study of Indigenous issues, covering Indigenous community life, religion, the environment, economic matters, education, and healthcare,
Cultural Intelligence: Improving Your CQ to Engage Our Multicultural World (Youth, Family, and Culture) David A. Livermore Exploring the much-needed skill of Cultural Intelligence (CQ), the ability to work effectively across national, ethnic, and even organizational cultures
Culture and Diversity (Together in Our World) Marie Murray This children’s book on diversity explains what culture is and how it influences our lives.
Use Your difference to make a Difference Tayo Rockson How to connect and communicate in a cross-cultural world
Different Cultures Rebecca Pettiford This children’s book on diversity explains what culture is and how it influences our lives.