Kristen Morio

Senior Research Associate

408 McGuffey Hall

M.A.T., Adolescent Education, Miami University
B.A., Zoology, Miami University

Curriculum Vitae

Kristen’s Bio

Kristen has always possessed a passion and interest for not only studying education in life sciences but also for advocating female participation in STEM education. Kristen is very passionate about animals, plants, and the environment, and she utilized that passion by spending the first half of her education and career in Veterinary Sciences. She attended Miami University as a pre-vet major and worked in veterinary care for 10 years, including 5 years managing an emergency and critical care veterinary hospital. Her interest in education was piqued when she became a mother and was inspired, through interactions with her young son, to instill her passion for science in others. While earning her Master’s in the Art of Teaching (2008) from Miami University, Kristen was exposed to the world of evaluation. During this time, she worked as a graduate student in the former Discovery Center and loved supporting programs and projects fueled by the same passion that she had regarding STEM education, equity in learning, and supporting and inspiring youth. Kristen has been a Research Associate with the Discovery Center since 2008 and currently serves as a Senior Research Associate managing a variety of projects funded by the NSF, NIH, ODE, and ODHE.

Kristen’s Professional Success Formula

25% Passion (do what you’re passionate about); 25% Knowledge (be and create lifelong learners); 25% Communication (if you can’t communicate your idea, success will be a challenge); and 25% Collaboration (strength increases with the ability to capitalize on the skills of those around you).

Kristen’s Work Commitments

Advocacy for those who need a voice; Collaboration that increases the impact of a shared goal; and Strategic Innovation that looks toward the future and betters the world for future generations.