Quantitative Data Analysis in Education and the Social Sciences

The Quantitative Data Analysis in Education and the Social Sciences Certificate is intended to provide knowledge in statistics and practical skills to conduct both simple and sophisticated statistical analyses in the fields of social sciences and business.  Students will be able to identify and utilize appropriate statistical procedures for problems in social sciences and business, and to correctly interpret and report the findings from the results of the statistical analyses.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this program, a student will be able to:

  1. Select/refine a topic of research and specific problem to be investigated.
  2. Conduct/complete a literature search and writing of a review of literature relevant to the problem.
  3. Select/refine methodology to be used to investigate problem; complete writing of method section.
  4. Identify an advisor for thesis/research project and begin/continue to work with that advisor.
  5. Develop a plan of action for conducting data collection and analysis and/or writing results and discussion sections.
  6. Strengthen knowledge of definitions of research; tools of research, and research design options.
  7. Strengthen knowledge of research quantitative and qualitative methodology.
  8. Strengthen skill in collecting relevant research literature, evaluating and organizing a body of research, and writing a literature review.
  9. Strengthen skill in evaluating and selecting data collection methods appropriate for a problem to be investigated.
  10. Gain skill in presenting your own research ideas/plans and in critiquing the research ideas/plans of other people.