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**Due dates for both programs extended to May 1st, with priority given to applications received by April 1st.**

Those applicants eligible for our Advanced Standing students, should apply by January 15th of each year. These applicants are those that hold a BSW degree that they earned within the last 5 years. The Advanced Standing program requires students to complete 34 credit hours of coursework, starting in the summer semester.

All other applicants should apply to our Traditional program by February 15th of each year. The Traditional program requires students to complete 57 credit hours of coursework and starts in the Fall semester. 

Application Requirements

  1. Personal Narrative
  2. Resume
  3. Professional Reference Letters
  4. A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university;
  5. Transcripts from each previous university attended
  6. Completion of the following behavioral science coursework:
    • at least one course in psychology, sociology, or anthropology;
    • at least one course in American history, American government, or economics;
    • at least one course in human biology; and
    • at least one course in statistics.
  7. GPA
    • Minimum of 2.75 is expected for the Traditional programs
    • Minimum of 3.25 is expected for the Advanced Standing program
    • Minimum GPA of 3.0 in Social Work or Behavioral Science courses

Apply Now

Personal Narrative

This statement should be 600 to 750 words in length and should include:

  • A discussion of why you are interested in obtaining a MASW degree.
  • A description of your academic background, employment, volunteer activities and other accomplishments related to social work.
  • An explanation of how the MASW program will help you achieve your professional goals.


Please include your current employer and/or field agency as well as any volunteer experiences that you have had.

Professional Reference Letters

Three letters of reference should be submitted. It is recommended that 1-2 of those references come from a former or current professional supervisor who is familiar with your work and 1-2 come from a current or former faculty member. These letters should address issues related to your professional goals, academic accomplishments and professional experiences relating to social work. You can send electronic reminders to those completing letters by on the graduate application.

The letters of reference should include:

  •       An evaluation of the applicant’s experiences and accomplishments relevant to her/his academic and professional career, and especially the field of social work.

  •       An assessment of the applicant’s motivation and potential for graduate study in and commitment to social work.

  •       A statement about any other information that might be helpful in determining the applicant’s success in graduate work, including experience with or knowledge of social work research.

MASW Graduate Committee

The MASW Graduate Committee will evaluate your application once your application is complete. Only then can our committee make a recommendation to MU’s Graduate School regarding an applicant’s admission. Decisions and official notices of admission will come via email from MU’S Graduate School. Please check your spam folder for this information.

What Our Committee Considers:

  1. Previous academic work in social work or related areas;
  2. Potential to successfully complete graduate work;
  3. Commitment to the social work profession; and
  4. Congruency between applicant’s professional goals as well as our program’s teaching and research emphases.

Non-degree seeking students

Those who are interested in learning more about the field are welcome to apply to the program as a non-degree seeking student. If then interested in pursuing a MASW, these students can apply up to 9 credit hours towards the requirements of the program. To apply, visit the MU graduate school and apply as a CGS student.

Transferring courses from other graduate programs

Students may apply to transfer up to transfer up to 1/3 of the number of credit hours for the required degree. For Traditional student applicants, this is 16 CH. For Advanced Standing student applicants, this is 11 credit hours. In addition, the student must have received an “A” or “B” for the course, and the course is within 5 years of the projected graduation date for the master’s degree.