Student Teaching in Europe

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The Student Teaching Program in Europe (STEP) is the oldest teaching abroad program at Miami. For more than a generation, schools in Luxembourg and Germany have hosted Miami student teachers. International Schools in Europe offer American curricula delivered in English.

Costs and Grant Opportunities

8 week programs are available during the fall semester. Students must cover the cost of airfare to Europe, travel, housing and food. Applications are available for a Student Teaching Abroad Scholarship offered through the College of Education, Health, and Society. In addition, eligible students can apply for the university airfare grant to defray flight costs.


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Similar to Midwestern fall conditions.

Cost Comparison
Expense Oxford Campus Europe
Register for: 15 hours undergraduate/12 hours graduate Regular tuition

Tuition plus a $1200 fee for student teaching abroad (includes $300 edTPA fee)

Housing $500-800 range Approx. $200 USD/week with host families
Flight/transportation to and from Oxford Varies per student $1000-$1500 round trip
Travel while abroad  N/A Approximately $300/month
Food/meal plan Depends on meal plan- approx. $2500/ semester Approximately $800/8 weeks
Insurance/health care Parent's health plan or student health insurance HTH International Student Insurance-Approx. $10.50/week
Passport/Visa None $100 Passport