International Student Teaching

student teaching abroad

By teaching abroad, Miami pre-service candidates can broaden their horizons by gaining an increased understanding of cultural differences, compare and contrast schools abroad with those in the United States, and gain confidence in their teaching abilities. It can also be a great way to demonstrate initiative and resourcefulness that will impress future employers. There are currently two student teaching abroad options -- Luxembourg for 8 weeks during the fall semester and Taiwan for 7-weeks during the spring semester. 

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Students should register for International Student Teaching at the EHS Field Office during the fall of their third year.



When: Fall 2019

Credits: EDT 419I or EDT 519I

Those with student teaching placements in Europe will be placed in an International or European School with an English curriculum in Luxembourg for 8 weeks (mid-October to mid-December). Housing will be with experienced host families. Advantages of this student teaching option include: close proximity to staff and students of the Miami University Luxembourg Center (MUDEC) for support and travel opportunities; the combination of student teaching in a U.S. and an international setting, allowing for professional and personal growth in differing contexts; multiple easy weekend travel options throughout western Europe; and financial support from an EHS scholarship fund specifically allocated for this program.

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When: Spring 2020

Credits: EDT 419I or EDT 519I

Those with student teaching placements in Taiwan will be placed in suburban schools near Kaohsiung, in the south of Taiwan for 7 weeks (spring break through mid-May). Advantages of this student teaching option include: Free (or greatly reduced housing) provided by the local community; the opportunity to student teach in a culturally rich country very different from the U.S. for a portion of the semester; the opportunity to develop ELL skills, while teaching an English curriculum; on-site support by a local professional educator; connections with students from Iowa State University who are participating in the same program; easy access to other cities in Taiwan by train and to points beyond Taiwan (such as Hong Kong) by affordable international flights.

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