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Educational Leadership, Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Option

The Interdisciplinary Ph.D. option in the Department of Educational Leadership (EDL) is an individualized graduate degree built around the specific needs of students in new and emerging fields as well as in traditional disciplines.

This program prepares professionals to have a global, cross-disciplinary, and interdisciplinary lens to investigate issues, generate knowledge, and develop innovative responses to critical areas. It comprises coursework within EDL and other departments in the College of Education, Health, and Society (EHS) with courses from other academic units in the larger university.

Each student’s program is administered by an interdisciplinary faculty committee and combines the academic and intellectual assets of the various academic departments at Miami in order to meet the graduate student’s preparation needs. It does not duplicate any program that is available on campus. Students take the major responsibility for designing and implementing this unique doctoral degree in collaboration with their faculty advisor.

Contact Us

For more information contact the Department of Educational Leadership, Interdisciplinary Doctoral Committee, or Dr. Sherrill Sellers, coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Studies option.

Application Process 

Candidates must apply and be accepted by Miami University's Graduate School and the Department of Educational Leadership. The Graduate School requires an applicant to have a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 2.75.

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