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Major Insight Episode 17 How Business Marketing and Sustainability Co-exist
Featured Majors: Corporate Sustainability, Marketing
Reframe: Episode 71
Why Even a Little Exercise Goes a Very Long Way
Major Insight Episode 16 Empowering Others Through Education and Democracy
Featured Majors: Integrated Social Studies Education, Political Science
New Season, New Host for Major Insight Podcast at Miami University
The 2020 spring semester marks an all new season of Major Insight, a Miami University student-centered podcast featuring the personal journeys and academic achievements of highly accomplished students.
Major Insight Episode 15 Using Empathy To Understand Religion and the Law
Featured Majors: Comparative Religion, Psychology, Pre-Law
Major Insight Episode 14 Find Your Purpose and Place in the Humanities (Part 2)
Featured Majors: History, Comparative Religion, Political Science, Literature, Philosophy
Major Insight Episode 13 Find Your Purpose and Place in the Humanities (Part 1)
Featured Majors: History, Political Science, Philosophy, Literature
Reframe: Episode 69
Everybody Wins: Youth Mentoring that Brings Whole Communities Together
Major Insight Episode 12 Uncovering the Truth Behind Over-the-Counter Drug Laws
Featured Majors: Political Science, Business Management