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Reframe: Episode 89
Start Aging Slower: New Exercise Science Behind the Brain-Body Connection
Phil Smith was featured in an article from Healthline
What the CDC Got Right and Wrong with Its COVID-19 Vaccine Programs
Phil Smith will be an expert reviewer for a upcoming U.S. Surgeon General's Report
The report will focus on tobacco use among people with mental health and substance use disorders. Dr. Smith will be reviewing a chapter on population-based policy strategies aimed at better supporting the well-being of this vulnerable group.
A free workshop on addressing health equity
Nov. 5 | 10-12 AM Upham Hall 275
Nutrition Workshops
Come join us for some food and fun November 4th and 10th.
Miami University Nutrition Conference 2021
October 26th and 27th
Helaine Alessio and Robbyn Abbitt received the Wilks Institute for Leadership and Service award
This award will support students in the Capstone course: Personal and Ecological Health to create and map mountain bike and hiking trails in Hueston Woods State Park.
Dean Smith wins 2021 Chiropractor of the Year Award
Dean Smith has not only combined his passion for chiropractic, education and research into a positive career, he has also impacted students, peers and the OSCA along the way.
Miami alumna hosts epidemic outbreak investigation workshop for Republic of Georgia
As a global health associate at Integral Global, Jenna Buttolph helps link new public health research with the implementation of ethical and sustainable programs that meet the needs of vulnerable communities.