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Associate Dean Position
For interested candidates, please note the job opening for the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Graduate Education position is now open. Applications will be screened beginning Jan 6, 2020.
Flourishing Miami Center Fills A Growing Demand for Sexuality Education
A naming ceremony for the Dennis L. Carlson Sexuality Education Studies Center (SESC) on December 3rd will honor his life and work.
EHS Faculty Member Receives JRLE Best Article Award
Erica Fernandez received the JRLE Best Article award - most outstanding article published in the Journal of Research on Leadership Education (JRLE) during the proceeding year.
Reframe: Episode 65
Power, Dominance, and the Politics of Everyday Life
Joel Malin article on school vouchers
Penn Capital-Star.com, October 24
Reframe: Episode 64
Surviving Middle School
Doctoral student explores her own identity through research abroad
Serian Jeng, a fourth year Ph.D student in the Department of Educational Leadership, is researching in Norway to better understand how to educate and empower African immigrants.
How Mobilizing Knowledge Can Help All Educators Improve Schools
The spread of new knowledge and great ideas can fuel innovation and drive change in many different ways. After all, that is how progress and improvement often happen.
Mayor Kate reflects as term nears its end
Oxford Mayor and EDL Faculty member, Kate Rousmaniere, is nearing the end of her four years as the city’s elected leader.