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Mayor Kate reflects as term nears its end
Oxford Mayor and EDL Faculty member, Kate Rousmaniere, is nearing the end of her four years as the city’s elected leader.
Candidates Face off for a seat on the Talawanda Board of Education
The race for the Talawanda Board of Education is highly contested this fall, with seven candidates vying for three available seats in the Nov. 5 election.
Joel Malin on school vouchers
The Miami Herald online Aug. 1 (subscription may be required)
Reframe: Episode 56
No-Nonsense Nurturing with Kristyn Klei Borrero and Noah Borrero
Joel Malin authors article on school vouchers
The Conversation.com, Beaumont Enterprise.com, June 7 and San Antonio Post.com, June 8 (subscription may be required)
Leveling up Leadership through Class
The syllabus for EDL 290T doesn't look like a typical college syllabus. For one, it looks like it's been printed on treasure map paper. And points in the class are labeled as Experience Points (XP). And actually, it's not even called a syllabus, with "Player's Handbook" in prominent letters near the top of the page.
The Next Big Problem in Education
“I think that is the next big problem that we have to talk about in education,” Wronowski says. “Teachers are not staying long enough to become great teachers."
Joel Malin to receive alumni award from UI College of Education
The News-Gazette.com, March 6 (subscription may be required)