The Inreach subcommittee is committed to reaching within Miami University, including our regional campuses, offering support to current students, both undergraduate and graduate level. We cultivate strong relationships with University faculty, staff, and administrators to foster change in the culture surrounding diversity, multiple intersections of social identity and how to create a creative, supportive, and inclusive community.  We will focus on issues within our university community by addressing acute and chronic social issues (i.e. alcohol & drug abuse and sexual assault) to promote a campus climate of empowerment.


The Outreach subcommittee creates and sustains partnerships with local schools (elementary, middle, and high) and our regional campuses that foster critical movement building to cultivate the development of lifelong civic engagement and activism. This team creates programs and opportunities for students to connect within the community to bridge the gap between college students and the surrounding community. They also work with the Office of Admissions and other campuses divisions to recruit high caliber prospective students to the College of Education, Health, and Society.

Media and Marketing

The Planning & Programming subcommittee is in charge of planning local and community events. The chair and committee are also in charge of maintaining the organization’s name and image.  They will maintain the website, take photos at all events, work with other chairs to assist with creating table tents and sheet signs, and take care of ordering merchandise when necessary.

Athletes, Fraternities, & Sororities

The Athletes, Fraternities and Sororities (AFS) subcommittee works to keep good relations with the organizations and to have events that support this relationship. The responsibilities would include: staying in constant contact with National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) Athletic Coaches/Captains, and Chapter Presidents, plan and organize social or philanthropic events with fraternities, sororities and athletic teams, attend chapter and athletic events, and involve Greek participants or athletes who are in EHS with EHS Ambassadors.


The Tours subcommittee is in charge of creating customized tours for prospective students and their families to show all the advantages of becoming a Miami Student. This team gives campus tours as prospect students and their families make requests. Tours can be seasonal or as requested, so the team works as needed or in conjunction to support other subcommittees.