Our Team

Faculty Advisor 

Dr. Denise Baszile 

Student Advisors

Hannah Woodhouse (Fall)

Email: woodhohe@MiamiOH.edu 

Bio: Fourth year undergraduate pursuing a degree in Primary Education

I fell in love with Miami because of the people who attend it. Not only is Miami an academically rigorous and well recognized university but it is full of professors, students and staff who care and want everyone to succeed.  I am so proud to be a part of this incredible school.

Cassie Campbell (Spring)

Cassie CampbellEmail: campbe75@MiamiOH.edu

Bio: Fourth year undergrad pursuing a dual degree in Integrated Mathematics Education and Mathematics.

Being from out of state, it was important to me that I felt a sense of home and community wherever I ended up attending college because I was going to be so far away from my family. I immediately felt like Miami was the place for me and that feeling has only grown as I have made more personal and professional connections on campus.


Rob Horton

Rob HortonEmail: hortonrt@MiamiOH.edu

Bio: Third year undergrad pursuing a degree in Integrated Social Studies Education with a minor in History

One of the things that brought me into this organization was the passion and excitement everyone brings to the table. EHS Ambassadors allowed me to come into their family and it is because of that, it has made me who I am today. This passion for EHS inspires me to do whatever I can to make this organization better! That way, we can promote and showcase the excellence of the College of Education, Health and Society and Miami University as a whole!

Lydia Paolucci

Lydia PaolucciEmail: paoluclc@MiamiOH.edu

Bio: Fourth year undergraduate majoring in Primary Education with a minor in Mathematics

As an primary education major, I love interacting with and helping people of all ages! Throughout my time here in the College of Education, Health, and Society, I have met so many wonderful students, faculty, and staff who have truly shaped my educational career and helped get me to where I am today. I love EHS and being an ambassador allows me to give back to the people and community who have done so much for me.

Inreach Chairperson 

Emily Statzer

Emily StatzerEmail: statzeea@miamioh.edu

Bio: Second year majoring in Adolescent Young Adult English Education

Hi! My name is Emily Statzer and I am a sophomore AYA English Education major from Cleveland, Ohio! On campus, I am a member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority, the Outdoor Adventure Club, and the EHS scholars program as well as EHSA. Being a member of the EHS community has made my Miami experience truly amazing so far; I hope you guys can say the same! I am so excited to be the Inreach Chairperson this year for EHSA! Last year I was part of the tours committee and loved it, but now I am looking forward to making our shared time as EHSA members and EHS students memorable and enjoyable! I love Miami so much and greatly appreciate the unique opportunity we have as EHS Ambassadors to spread the love.

Outreach Chairperson

Jesse Patton

Jesse PattonEmail: pattonjl@miamioh.edu

Bio: Third year undergraduate majoring in Adolescent Young Adult Math Education and Mathematics

Hi! My name is Jesse Patton and I am a Junior double majoring in Math and AYA Mathematics Education. I am SO excited to be the new Outreach Chair for EHSA!! I am also the Program Chair for Miami University Council of Teachers of Mathematics and I am a Wyldlife Leader in the Lakota School District. I love being an ambassador for EHS because it provides opportunities for me to share my love for Miami with students around the area. It is my hope that, as Outreach Chair this semester, more students will get to interact with Miami students, faculty and staff, and have positive experiences!

Media and Marketing Chairperson 

Sophia Marusic

Sophia MarusicEmail: maruisisa@MiamiOH.edu 

Bio: Third year undergrad majoring in Middle Childhood Education with concentrations in English and Social Studies

Hi, I am Sophia Allegra Marusic, a 5’2” junior with plenty of energy and enthusiasm to make up for what I lack in height!  If you get to know me, you’ll see I am a kind and genuine person who loves to meet new people and hear their story. My concentrations in English and Social Studies are perfect for me because I love to read and write, as well as travel! In order to know where we are headed, we must know where we came from, and history is here and now as well as in the past! Immersing myself in a new city full of adventures is one of my favorite things to do. A few of my other favorite things include: working out, photography, exploring my city (Cleveland), cheering on local sports teams, yoga, shopping, and cooking. I will end here for now, but if you want more information you can visit my website to keep learning more, or just reach out!  https://sophiamarusic.wixsite.com/resume

Athletes, Fraternities, & Sororities Chairperson

Elisa Iglesia

Email: iglesieg@MiamiOH.edu 

Bio: Double Major in Kinesiology and Nutrition with Pre-Med Co-major.

Coming from out of state, I was worried about not knowing anyone, but once I got to campus and met other students I felt right at home. I have made lifelong friends and am extremely involved all over campus.

Tours Chairperson

Olivia Casey

Email: caseyor@miamioh.edu

Bio: Second year majoring in Middle Childhood Education with concentrations in Social Studies and Math

My name is Olivia Casey and I am a Sophomore from Cleveland, Ohio. I am studying Middle Childhood Education and focusing in Social Studies & Math. I am involved in a social sorority, RISE Alternative breaks, and work at the recreation center as a lifeguard and swimming instructor. Fun fact, I absolutely love ice cream.


Makenna Linkey

Makenna LinkeyEmail: linkeymt@miamioh.edu 

Bio: Second year undergrad majoring in both Integrated Mathematics Education and Mathematics.

When I toured Miami University as a high school junior, I was in awe the moment I arrived on campus. I felt this indescribable feeling of belonging, and this feeling increased tenfold when I became a student here. Classmates started out as strangers and quickly became family; faculty and staff were dedicated to student success and challenged students to be their absolute best. The College of Education, Health, and Society is no exception, and I hope we can help make your experience here at Miami absolutely amazing!


Ally Astles

Ally AstlesEmail: astlesar@miamioh.edu

Bio: Second year undergrad pursuing majors in Integrated Mathematics Education and Mathematics with a minor in Spanish

Hi everyone! My name is Ally Astles and I am going to be the secretary for EHS Ambassadors this year. I am from Mason, Ohio and I am going to be a sophomore this fall. I am also the treasurer of Miami Jump Rope, a club that I started at the beginning of my freshman year. I am spending the summer traveling around Europe teaching jump rope and growing the sport.