Mock Interview Volunteer

Types of Mock Interviewers

  • Event Interviewer (once or twice a year)
  • Phone/Skype Interviewer (as needed)
  • Regularly Scheduled Interviewer (several times per semester)
  • Volunteers can critique virtual interviews via Big Interview (as needed)

How Mock Interviews Work

Interviews will be scheduled every 60 minutes: 15 – 20 minute interview, 20 – 25 minute critique, 5 – 10 minute resume review, 5 minute preparation for next interview.

  • Arrive 30 minutes before first appointment (45 if it is your first time interviewing here)
  • Meet Mock Interview Coordinator — Get room assignment
  • Receive student interview packets
  • Review students resume
  • Greet student
  • Interview student — Complete feedback form
  • Review with student their ratings on:
    • Resume
    • Appearance, Poise, Delivery, Language
    • Responses to: Open-ended, Behavior-based, Career specific questions
    • Closing - Student asks questions, expresses interest, asks for follow-up info, thanks interviewer
  • Prepare for next student

Where Do I Volunteer?


Volunteer Mock Interviewers are required to have a parking permit. You will receive a parking permit via email prior to your arrival on campus.

Questions About Volunteering?

Please contact