Form Guide

This guide helps you properly complete the University Hosting Form. This form must be completed when charging a departmental account for hosting at University facilities. It may be used as an attachment to Limited Purchase Orders or requisitions.

  • Date of Function: Enter the date of the hosting function.
  • Location: Enter the place where the hosting function occurred.
  • Department: Enter the name of the department which is being charged for the hosting activity.
  • Number of Attendees: Indicate the total number of faculty and staff present at the hosting activity. Also, indicate the number of students present at the activity. Also, indicate the number of people who are not faculty, staff, or students who were present at the activity.
  • Description of Meal: Indicate if the meal was breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If the meal was none of these, check Other and specify the type of meal.
  • Names and Business Relationship: Enter the names of the people at the hosting function and their business relationship with the University. If it was a large group of people representing an organization, enter the name of the organization, instead of individual names.
  • Business Purpose: Check one of the appropriate boxes and provide the requested details.
  • Account Number: Enter the Index Code and Account number being charged for the hosting activity.
  • Authorized Signature: Include the signature of a staff or faculty member authorized to charge the hosting activity to the specified departmental account(s).