Recommended Payment Methods and Terms

Miami University is implementing the most cost effective and secure payment strategies to make sure that funds are delivered to our suppliers in a timely manner, and risks of fraud or misuse are minimized.

We are shifting away from issuing checks to electronic payment methods that involve payments by credit cards (SUA) and electronic payments directly to the vendor’s bank account (ACH).  Miami’s preferred method of payment is through its single use account (SUA) virtual card program, currently offered through J.P. Morgan Chase.

Payment method and terms
Payment Method Default Payment Terms
JP Morgan Credit Card (SUA - single use account) NET (Payable immediately upon Miami’s processing of each invoice)
Automated Clearing House (ACH) NET (30)

Accurate invoice submission and the use of accelerated payment methods can speed up payment to our supplier. 

J.P. Morgan Single Use Credit Card Program (SUA)

J.P.  Morgan’s Single-Use Accounts (SUA) is an electronic payment solution that enables the university to process payments faster and more efficiently.

Under the program, suppliers who enroll into the program will be paid by a one-time use electronic credit card. Each time a payment is disbursed to the supplier, a secured e-mail message will be sent with the electronic credit card information. Using this information the supplier can process the payment transaction themselves or by using their credit card processor and receive their funds immediately after invoice has been received. 

Please contact Accounts Payable at for additional SUA enrollment details. 

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

ACH payments disbursed to the suppliers are made to the account and financial institution designated by the supplier according to the agreed upon payment terms. Payments default to Net (30), meaning the full amount will be paid within 30 days unless discount applies. 


Paying by check is a highly inefficient process for all parties involved. Checks are more expensive to produce, are often lost or uncashed, and must then be reissued. In addition, it may take 40+ days from the date a supplier submits an invoice before a check has cleared and they have access to the funds.