ICA Travel Per Diem

The primary method is for a coach to utilize a University issued purchasing card (Bank of America credit card) to pay for the team meals together.  We know this method is not always feasible, so if individual athlete per diem is needed, we have worked with our banking partners to provide a new method: Zelle ePayments.  Zelle is a contactless, bank to bank network that provides funds straight to bank accounts within minutes, safely and securely.  This process eliminates the need to carry cash and puts the money directly into the student’s personal bank account where it can be accessed using their own personal banking methods.

Miami employees (coaches/athletic office) use Chrome River to assist in tracking and paying for travel-related expenses on behalf of the student athletes.

All travel expenses paid for as a cash advance via Zelle or Prepaid Debit Card are recorded and reconciled in Chrome River once travel is complete.

To Request a Cash Advance

To participate in Zelle, you must:

  1. Complete the 2 brief Zelle Canvas Courses, (approx. 25 minutes).
    Access Zelle Registration & Money 101 on Canvas.
  2. Register OR update Zelle with your Miami email address

If an individual has not properly registered for Zelle or reached out to Treasury by one week after travel date, per diem is forfeited.

At this time Cash Advances via Zelle or Prepaid Debit Cards are for ICA Travel Only

*Students hosting recruits will be issued Prepaid Debit Cards.


Please reach out to Treasury Services with any questions