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Student Auditors

Eligibility and Qualifications

Candidates must be currently enrolled at Miami. Minimum of Sophomore undergraduate standing, majoring in Business, and good references. Major in Accountancy, Information Systems, or Finance is preferred.

Work assignments require advanced business skills to perform internal audits and other work requiring training in accounting, auditing, or information systems (either through coursework or related work experience). Tasks call for technical and software skills, including MS Office (OneNote, Excel, Access, Word). Work is done independently, with oversight by the Chief Audit Officer of Internal Audit and Consulting Services.


IACS offers students flexible, pre-approved scheduling options to accommodate class schedules and other commitments. Students typically work 12 hours per week, in a minimum of 3 hour shifts. Working hours are between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. During winter and summer terms students may work up to 40 hours per week.

IACS Bonus Program

  • IACS Student Auditors are eligible for a unique bonus program each semester.
  • Bonuses are awareded based on hours worked.
Bonus Program
Hours Worked Bonus Amount
60 hours $100
80 hours $125
100 hours $150
120 hours $175
140 hours $200
160 hours $250
180 hours $275
200 hours $300
  • To qualify for a given semester: 
    • You must work a minimum of 60 hours during the semester (Fall, Spring, Summer)  
    • You must maintain a minimum work schedule of 9 hours per week
  • Bonuses are typically awarded the month following finals week (January for Fall, June for Spring).
  • Visit Pay Schedules to examine the full student payroll schedule.

Application Process

To determine if any Student Auditor openings are currently available, see Miami University Jobs. There, search for "Student Auditor" in the search box or within the "Student" job category, and apply for the position.