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Projects and Initiatives

Antiracism Humanities Lab

Tammy Brown (Associate Professor, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies) and Durell Callier (Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership) will work with a history teacher at Cincinnati’s Aiken High School to create digital tools for teaching African American history. The lab explores antiracism as a pedagogical approach and way of being in the world through the study of major themes in African American history and culture. Starting with the political landscape of slavery in the Americas and ending with critical analysis of race in twenty-first century America, students in the lab will analyze the diverse ways in which peoples of African descent have constructed Black identities, confronted racial oppression, and forged transnational political and cultural alliances. The lab’s primary goal is to develop a nuanced understanding of African American history into a smartphone app that will increase high school student engagement with African American history and antiracist philosophy.

Picturing Black History

A partnership of Getty Images and Origins, a history magazine edited by Steven Conn, W. E. Smith Professor of History at Miami University, this initiative will generate a series of photojournalistic articles on Black history.  

Graduate School Mentoring Initiative

Miami is known as a top-ranked undergraduate institution but it also has a strong legacy of graduate programs. The CSDI will be partnering with the Graduate School and the Graduate Students of Color Association to establish a mentoring initiative for undergraduate students of color who are interested in attending graduate school. This initiative will give graduate students a chance to immerse themselves in the campus community in a way they historically have not been able to while also giving undergraduate students of color a way to gain valuable insight on graduate options, specifically at Miami.

Nellie Craig Peer Education Program

This initiative is a key component of Miami’s co-curricular diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. The peer educator program out of the CSDI will provide a paid student position within the CSDI, where each student will facilitate a minimum of three workshops per semester to student organizations, residence halls, and first-year experience classes.

Seeing Differently

We will be offering the SEEING DIFFERENTLY ten-week virtual transformational leadership program starting in September and again in January.  A key element of the program is that the under-represented are over-represented.  Participants are a mix of experienced leaders, young professionals, faculty/higher ed people and students.  Cohort sizes are about 16 people each.

Workshop with Bevlee Watford

Workshops discussing race matters in the engineering/computing context: all faculty/staff will have a workshop led by Bevlee Watford in August and another one for the students in September.