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Focus Courses

2022-2023 Focus Courses


Course Number Course Title Instructor Note
AMS 399  Past, Present, and Future of Native American Nations in Oklahoma Sande Garner
ARC 301/302/401/402C Boundaries, Borders and the Imaginary Diane Fellows
ARC 405V/505V Film+MultiMixed Media:Culture/Place/Identity Diane Fellows
BIO 451W A / 551 A Conservation Education & Community Engagement Chris Myers
BLS 465 Business, Law and Ethics Chelsea Green
CEC 222 Socio-Economic Responsibility in Engineering and Computing Daniela Inclezan Fall semester course
ENG 310 Special Topics in Rhetoric--Professional Communication for Healthcare Heidi McKee
ENG 495R Capstone in Rhetoric and Writing Emily Legg SP 23 course
ENG/IMS 416 Writing for a Global Audience Emily Legg SP 23 course
HST 259 Introduction to the Miami Tribe Sande Garner
IES 211 Energy and Policy Sarah Dumyahn
POL345I Voice & Power in U.S. Politics Anne Whitesell
WST 301 Interdisciplinary Problems: Reparations as Restorative Justice Jacqueline Daugherty & Rodney Coates
focus tribal sovereignty