Speakers at the Farmer School

 Graduation cap
 Farmer School at sunrise
 Megan Gerhardt with students
 Students on stairs

One of the “trademarks” of a Farmer School graduate is the ability to interact with their peers as well as with upper-level management. They fit seamlessly within their organizations from day one. This critical and highly valued skill is the result of the experiences they have had as part of their Farmer School experience.

By the time our students graduate, they have had multiple opportunities to hear advice from, talk with and present to leaders of local, regional, national and international organizations. These experts speak in classrooms, encourage student interaction in town hall meetings, participate in panel discussions and give thought-provoking presentations.

Some of these speakers are distinguished alumni of the Farmer School. Many have been invited because of their critical expertise on a global playing field. All of them have wisdom to share - and students are happy to absorb everything they can, with the knowledge that they have the potential to reach the greatest heights, just like the people in front of them.

We’re pleased that many prestigious scholars, politicians and businesspeople have walked our halls and shared their insights.