Farmer School of Business at sunset

Strategic Initiatives

FSB Mission

To provide a premier business educational experience that prepares responsible and innovative leaders, and advances knowledge by optimizing the synergy among teaching, scholarship, and life-long learning.

Strategic Initiatives, 2015 - 2020

Initiative 1: Continue to evolve our leading-edge curricular initiatives

To provide a premier business educational experience, the Farmer School will engage in curriculum management that reflects thought-leading business theory and practice.

  • Benchmark state of the art business theory and best practice to identify curricular opportunities and evolve our curricular initiatives accordingly.
  • Broaden and deepen sustainable curricular experiential learning opportunities.
  • Develop, enhance and support select graduate programs to promote our mission of life-long learning.
  • Collaborate with other divisions and departments to expand interdisciplinary offerings to Farmer School students, and expand opportunities for non-FSB students to achieve business credentials.

Initiative 2: Elevate responsible and innovative leadership and global preparedness of students through curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular experiences

To thrive in a competitive global environment, Farmer School students must be active and fully engaged learners, both inside and outside the classroom, on campus and in the community, at home and abroad. 

  • Identify and expand international experience opportunities for all Farmer School students and integrate global issues and perspectives into classes and student organizations.
  • Develop innovative leadership programs and opportunities that leverage a variety of learning contexts both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Foster student activities that provide real-world business experience, such as student organizations, service-learning, immersion, study-away, study abroad, and internships.
  • Expose students to opportunities that will develop personal frameworks of ethics and improve ethical problem-solving.

Initiative 3: Attract, graduate, and place a high-quality, diverse student body

Farmer School students must have opportunities to learn in an environment where they can practice respect and that is rich in intellectual curiosity and diverse perspectives.

  • Recruit diverse and talented students into the Farmer School.
  • Teach and model ways to leverage diversity for the purposes of knowledge creation, innovation, leadership, and competitive advantage.
  • Support co-curricular and extracurricular activities for students and faculty that foster interaction with people different from themselves.
  • Support Professional Development and Career Education activities to prepare our students to be "job ready" upon graduation.

Initiative 4: Define, articulate, and reinforce our core identity around the synergistic teacher-scholar model

To flourish in a 21st century learning environment, Farmer School students must be taught by passionate and visionary educators.

  • Recruit and retain outstanding faculty who value the teacher-scholar model.
  • Support impactful research and teaching efforts of faculty both materially and operationally.
  • Encourage faculty to develop new programs and integrated approaches related to teaching, scholarship, and practice.
  • Facilitate opportunities for faculty to collaborate with businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies.

Initiative 5: Build relationships with key stakeholders to enhance the reputation and visibility of the School and provide long-term financial sustainability

To achieve its mission, the Farmer School must broadly engage its large community of supporters.

  • Connect with alumni, parents, corporate partners, and friends who can offer internships, learning opportunities, mentoring, and jobs for students.
  • Secure additional financial resources to attract and retain well-qualified students and faculty, across a diverse spectrum.
  • Secure additional financial resources to support initiatives around curricular advancement, innovative leadership, global preparedness, etc.
  • Recognize, celebrate and publicize the successes of our students, faculty, alumni, and programs.