Strategic Initiatives

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FSB Mission

We are here to support our students’ success. We do this by engaging all of our stakeholders in an ecosystem that connects teaching, research and practice, and provides extraordinary experiences for all.

FSB Vision

First choice for tomorrow’s leaders.

Strategic Initiatives, 2021 - 2025

Our strategic initiatives provide guidance and direction for every decision we make. That includes proposed new courses, experiential learning opportunities, partnerships and programs. They help us ensure that everything we do moves us towards achieving these goals. Our vision is to provide the best curricular and co-curricular experiences in the nation for our students. The outcomes of these initiatives will result in meaningful careers that will allow our graduates to constantly learn, grow and make a positive impact in the world, both today and in the future.

Offer the best curricular and co-curricular student experience in the nation by focusing on both the academic and the personal experience.
To achieve this, we will:

  • Offer new programs, and adapt existing programs, to ensure our students are well-trained and ready to launch or enhance their professional careers.
  • Continue to find innovative ways to extend the academic experience beyond the classroom.
  • Focus on the whole person by offering co-curricular activities that emphasize leadership development, health, happiness, purpose, community and
  • Partner with people from industry who infuse their experiences to help shape the most relevant takeaways and ensure our curriculum remains business aligned.


Graduate students who are beyond ready to launch and enjoy meaningful careers.
To do this, we must:

  • Increase the percentage of our students who have jobs 90 days after graduation.
  • Increase the average starting salaries of our graduates.
  • Ensure all students have the opportunity for at least one, if not two, internships prior to graduation.


Attract, graduate and place a high-quality, diverse student body.
This includes:       

  • Increasing the number of applications and enrollment of diverse students.
  • Increasing the pool of applicants to the School and raising the average ACT score of accepted students.
  • Improving the retention rate of enrolled students.


Strengthen relationships with key stakeholders to enhance the reputation and visibility of the School and provide long-term financial sustainability
To do this, we will:

  • Connect with alumni, parents, corporate partners, and friends who can offer internships, learning opportunities, mentoring, and jobs for students.
  • Secure additional financial resources to attract and retain well-qualified students and faculty, across a diverse spectrum.
  • Secure additional financial resources to support initiatives around curricular advancement, innovative leadership, global preparedness, etc.
  • Recognize, celebrate and publicize the successes of our students, faculty, alumni, and programs. 


Promote excellence in teaching and research, which includes our strong links with practice.
Steps towards achieving this include:

  • Recruiting, retaining, and developing faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds and striving to create an inclusive community for all.
  • Facilitating opportunities for faculty to collaborate with businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies.
  • Increasing external funding for research.
  • Encouraging faculty to increase the visibility of their research to build a national reputation.
  • Continuing to support research that produces both rigorous and relevant contributions to knowledge.
  • Continuing to support innovative teaching and programs that reflect an integrated skills-based approach to learning.