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Learning and Research

The center forms partnerships to develop hands-on analytics and data science learning and research experiences, including:

The Center for Analytics and Data Science (CADS) is transforming undergraduate education in Analytics and Data Science by leveraging experiential learning and a multidisciplinary approach to build leaders for the information economy. The interdisciplinary center is comprised of faculty, staff, and student interns engage in experiential projects, research, and teaching at the cutting edge of analytics and data science.

From environmental science and healthcare to marketing and engineering, the data explosion brings once-unimagined possibilities and a shortage of people with the expertise to gather, store, manage, process and analyze data. Many individuals who have the technical skills do not have the ability to effectively communicate findings or to translate them into action.

CADS focuses on:

  • Developing problem solvers with the technical skills, leadership ability, and professionalism who can turn data into information and information into insight
  • Creating a collaborative environment that infuses the sound practice of analytics and data science methods into research, teaching, and practice, helping both the university and our partnerships in industry

To meet the high demand for graduates with analytics and data science skills, CADs students can learn about analytics and data science through our online EY Analytics Learning Lab.

Supporting Departments

The Center is supported by faculty and staff from several departments across Miami's campus. They acknowledge and appreciate the importance of analytics and data science. The faculty within the departments inspire our students to have a drive to excel in the data sciences, provide resources to refine and further advance their analytics skills, and mature their confidence to solve real world problems.

Numerous of our students have recently gained interest in and began pursuing the analytics co-major. The co-major, along with the majors and minors within the departments listed below, help equip our students with a competitive advantage.

These departments include: