Paula Hudak

Study Abroad Advisor

Paula Hudak

Education Background

  • Master of Arts in Teaching - Hispanic Studies, East Carolina University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and International Latin American Studies, The Ohio State University

Travel Background

Originally from small-town Ohio, I had never considered traveling until I fell in love with learning Spanish in high school. I took my first trip to Mexico in 2005 and became determined to learn more about the different cultures of the Spanish speaking world. I studied Spanish and Latin American studies at Ohio State and during my Junior year I studied in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Studying abroad pushed me out of my comfort zone and inspired me to pursue a career in international education. I have since traveled to Spain, Guatemala, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Uruguay. I have many more locations on my travel ‘bucket- list’ including South Korea, Thailand, and Peru!

Travel Tip

Embrace every experience abroad as an opportunity for learning. Want to order coffee?- try ordering a different type of brew while ordering in the host language! Need to mail a postcard?- spend time in the local post office to learn how to purchase a stamp and mail things internationally - while traveling internationally! Want to exercise while abroad?- consider joining local workout communities or gyms to meet locals and try different workout classes. Being open to learning through each of these experiences will truly enhance your experience abroad!