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Faculty-Led Summer Programs

Apply by the January 15 priority deadline to be considered for the Global Initiatives Scholarships! Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and programs may fill prior to the deadline. Most programs have a deadline of February 15, 2024.

Summer 2024 Courses
Program name and link to terradotta Short description Course offerings
Caregiving in a Crisis: Humanitarian Aid in Luxembourg and Geneva This course will examine the evolution, roles, and challenges of humanitarian aid workers, with a particular focus on those in the health sector. Study locations will include Luxembourg and Geneva. Highlights of the Geneva study tour include visiting the United Nations and International Red Cross museum to learn about the roles of these organizations in humanitarian aid, as well as a chocolate tour and a day in the Swiss Alps. NSG 399
Comparing U.S. and European Schools Students will visit classrooms, meet educational leaders, and engage with other educational stakeholders. The trip will consist of two weeks of travel with the first 10 days spent in Leuven, Belgium, Aachen, Germany, and both Ypres and Paris in France. The final four days are in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. TCE455 ultimately builds a perspective consciousness and cross-cultural awareness that helps distinguish pre-service teachers when applying for jobs and impacts their thinking about education well into their careers. EDT 455 (4 credits)
Intensive German Summer This is a rare opportunity for students to experience the German-speaking world from within. You will have the chance to greatly enhance German proficiency and move to upper-level competencies through real-world exposure and the use of on-site resources. Additionally, you will be exposed to native German during visits to cultural, political, historical, and topical landmarks, including the former East Germany. GER 201, GER 202, and GER 277 OR GER 301, GER 321, and GER 377
Italy: Ancient and Modern Reside in the beautiful city of Reggio Emilia while you study the Italian language and the longstanding influence of Classical antiquity on the modern world. Experience Italian culture and history in the most natural way. The program has two tracks:

ITL students must take 9 credits: ITL 105 or 205 or 305 (8 credits) and ITL/CLS 399 (1 credit).

CLS students must take 7 credits: CLS 216 (3 credits), CLS 332 (3 credits, Classical Mythology and the Arts) and ITL/CLS 399 (1 credit).
London Interactive Design This workshop will explore London's design culture while living and working in London. A cross-functional team of students from Engineering, Computing, Communication Design, Business, Emerging Technology in Business and Design, etc. will apply design thinking in a real-world setting, develop new technology skills, and consultatively produce a new product design. This is a highly collaborative experience where you will work with client employees to learn about the evolving design and work culture in England. IMS 440 and IMS 390A
Knowledge Representation in Italy This four-week summer workshop in Calabria, a beautiful region in southern Italy, is a unique chance for students of all majors to gain an understanding of the artificial intelligence field of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning. The academic program includes guest lectures from Knowledge Representation experts from the University of Calabria, a prominent Italian university with an internationally renowned department of mathematics and computer science. The program includes travel to several sites in Calabria and nearby regions as well as several days in Rome. CSE 268 and CSE 468
Summer in Spain In this academic and cultural immersion workshop, students experience Spanish culture from different perspectives. The program offers courses on Spanish language, literature, and linguistics taught by Miami faculty around Spain. Along with regular Miami classes, all students will be part of a multilayered cultural experience that will be fillled with immersion and hands-on experiences, including cuisine courses. SPN 315, SPN 342, SPN 352, SPN 312, SPN 370
Venice: Art Capital, Past and Present Venice is one of the most unique cities on earth. Few cities afford as rich of an exploration of history and artistic culture spanning the medieval through contemporary periods. None do so in a setting as enchanting and unique as Venice. This program immerses students in the study of art and intercultural exchange through multiple sites across Venice. ART 230V Venice and the World, ART 230C The Venice Biennale
Study Away Opportunities
Program name and link to terradotta Short description Course offerings
Field Geology Time will be spent working within the spectacular scenery and varied geology of the Jackson Hole Valley, Snake River Plain, Yellowstone region, the Wind River Range and Washakie Mountains, and the Montana fold and thrust belt. Course logistics include two weeks of camping and three weeks of lodging at our field station on the Timberline Ranch along the northeast flank of the Wind River Range. GLG 411/511
Geology of Streams This workshop offers students a unique experience to make observations, collect data, and develop and test hypotheses on streams in southwest Ohio and southeast Indiana while canoeing down these waterways. Students will explore the impacts of humans and climate change on streams, identify archives capable of revealing these influences, and learn a wide array of methods and techniques for assessing environmental quality of streams. GLG 419/519
Inside Washington: Summer Inside Washington offers participants experiential leadership roles, federal policy research and a 9-week internship in the nation's capital. Students lead small-group discussions with D.C. influencers from the Hill, news media, think tanks, nonprofits , federal agencies and lobbying firms. Program staff assist students in gaining meaningful internships. Inside Washington offers participants participants leadership roles, "soft skills" building and federal policy research. All students will enroll and earn three credit hours in POL 426. Students will earn 7 credit hours from the Inside Washington Center through a transcript from Elon University. These credit hours will transfer to Miami Universit as POL 340 or MAC 340.
Over-the-Rhine Design Build Workshop In this workshop, students will live in the community, work directly with non-profit organizations to realize projects within the constraints of an urban setting. We will have reflection sessions, attend community meetings, and use our days to design, present, and realize a small project in the community. Though this process, students navigate the power of designing, planning, and building as well as the process of budgeting, project management, permitting and approval processes, and project life-cycle issues. All students will be enrolled in an ARC studio at their respective level in the studio sequence: ARC 301; ARC302; ARC 304; ARC 401; ARC 402c.


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Project Dragonfly - Earth Expeditions

Summer 2024 Programs - Application Deadline on January 28, 2024

Earth Expeditions are Miami University study abroad courses designed for people at all stages of their life and career who are looking for inspiring professional development opportunities while earning graduate credit. All courses engage with grassroots conservation and sustainability programs that are making a difference in Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.

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