Communications and Journalism

Inside London

On this immersive program, students will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with much of British media, including radio, television and newspapers. Students will have the opportunity to visit major landmarks such as BBC radio, the National Geographic Channel, the British Film Institute, The Guardian, and others.


This unique program takes students to Pristina, Kosovo, a newly independent country with a rich history. Students gain astonishing global perspectives about this post-conflict country. This program is open to all majors, and focuses on international studies, journalism and global diplomacy while providing students with professional experience through internships.

Inside Washington

Go behind the scenes of Washington DC and get exclusive access to the major politicians and important leaders on Capitol Hill. Past groups have had the chance to meet House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Paul Ryan, and more! Open to all majors, this program includes an internship in that can open major career opportunities.

Italy: Writing Media and Culture

Get a taste of Italian culture on this program in Florence and Rome. Open to all majors, this program allows students to learn by experience through workshops focusing on film and writing. Students will also get the chance to compare and contrast American and Italian culture, learning about both heritage and shifts in culture.

Inside New York

Gain the ultimate behind the scenes look into public relations, marketing, and advertising in New York City. Students will have the opportunity to visit many major industry leaders from large agencies to small nonprofits while also exploring New York media headquarters, museums, and Broadway.