Engineering, Math, and Computer Science

Engineering in Europe

Enrich your knowledge of engineering by studying the unique cultural values and environmental interactions in Germany, Austria, and Slovakia. Students will learn about thermodynamics and fluid mechanics while experiencing first-hand some of the most prestigious European companies, including BMW and Volkswagen.

Interactive Design in London

Students will have the valuable opportunity to live and work in London, developing new skills on the job with a diverse team to create a new product design. This is a highly collaborative experience where you will work with client employees to learn about the evolving design and work culture in England.

Knowledge and Ethics in Italy

While abroad in beautiful Calabria, Italy, students will have the chance to study computing skills, learn about ethics and sustainable practices in technology at a prominent Italian university, and experience the rich culture of this Italian coastal town. This program is an excellent opportunity for students of all majors.

Miami University Mathematical Modeling/Geometry

Take an exciting look at math through the historical and cultural perspectives of London and Dublin! Students will have the chance to gain a global perspective in the birthplace of famous mathematicians such as Newton, Turing, and Hamilton as they visit numerous museums devoted to this history and study at Oxford University and Trinity College.