Dijon Intensive Summer

Advance your French language skills on this program that offers a life-changing and immersive deep-dive into the historic locus of the Medieval world: Dijon, France. This immersive French language program offers 9 credit hours in courses focused on French art, architecture, politics, and current events. You will have the opportunity to engage in experiential learning outside the classroom, gaining first-hand experience with the culture you are studying.

Immersion Spanish for Intermediate Level Students

On this five-week program, you will have the opportunity to earn two semesters of Miami Spanish credit in an immersive and fulfilling program. This program places you in the City of Flowers, Heredia, and gives you the opportunity to advance your Spanish speaking skills as you engage with your host family, volunteer with the community, and learn Spanish from local and Miami instructors.

Intensive German Summer

Feel the exhilaration while learning and absorbing German language, heritage, and culture in the German cities of Heidelberg, Jena, Dessau, and Berlin. Students complete one full year of German language requirements! Participate in a program that has a reputation for opening career doors and boasts Fulbright Grant Alumni.

Intensive Japanese Language

This program gives students studying Japanese the exciting opportunity to take a deep dive into the heart of Japanese culture, language, politics, economy and history while studying in Tokyo. While completing the equivalent of one year of Japanese courses, students will also be immersed in the diverse, fast-paced way of life of this beautiful country.

Miami in Spain

Be immersed in the beautiful and vibrant culture of Spain! This program places students with a host family in Gijón, a seaside town with a proud maritime history where they will be able to grow rapidly their language skills. After taking classes for 6 weeks, students will then embark on a culinary tour of Spain.

Intensive Italian Language and Fashion in Reggio Emilia

Explore Reggio Emilia in Northern Italy on this immersive program where students of all majors can study Italian language or fashion. A city known for its refined cuisine and high-end craftsmanship, it is also off the path of mass tourism which provides students with a unique opportunity to be immersed in the Italian culture.

Tianjin Chinese Program

Immerse yourself in historic Tianjin, a lively economic center in China that is renowned for colorful customs and hospitality. Students will study Chinese language at any level and will have the unique opportunity to sharpen their language skills through various excursions to historical and cultural sites.