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MUDEC is the Miami University Dolibois European Center, a Miami campus in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is centrally located in the heart of Europe, making travel across the continent convenient and accessible. MUDEC proudly takes its name from Miami alumnus, Vice President Emeritus for University Relations, US Army Veteran of WWII, and former US Ambassador to Luxembourg, John E. Dolibois.

Program Highlights

  • Tuition and fees are comparable to a semester in Oxford, making MUDEC a cost-effective study abroad program.
  • Students from all majors may participate.
  • Luxembourg is a 3 hours train ride from 5 countries.
  • MUDEC students take Miami courses and earn Miami credit.
  • Facility operated by Miami with on-site staff readily accessible.
  • All courses are taught in English except for language courses.
  • Homestay experience promotes immersion and cultural exchange and students have the opportunity to room with friends on request.
  • Apartment and shared living arrangements also available.
  • Students get to know the community through out-of-classroom service opportunities.
  • Weekly discovery tours provide pre-organized travel opportunities that are often at no-cost to students.
  • Immersion into European culture that allows students to apply many concepts they are learning in the classroom to real-life experiences.
  • Students have the opportunity to complete internships, volunteer experiences, and other resume builders while studying and traveling abroad.
  • Curriculum is established to allow nearly all students courses to fulfill graduation and major requirements.

MUDEC's Lasting Impressions

MUDEC strives to provide an academically challenging, relevant and exciting learning and growth experience. Students return having developed a greater degree of intellectual curiosity, tolerance, problem solving skills, independence, self respect, and confidence, thereby preparing them to become mature and responsible members of society.

Our program has been very successful in attaining these goals and objectives. Almost without exception, MUDEC students look at their European experience as the most formative and outstanding one in their university years, or even their lives! The expression coined by students, “After Luxembourg you will never be the same again,” is a testimony to this special experience we create.

Mission Statement

  • Our primary mission is to provide Miami University's students with a systematic and extensive exposure to European society and culture in a high quality academic environment.
  • A second mission is to be a source of scholarly enrichment and professional development for the faculty and staff of the University, for core professors, visiting scholars/professors workshop and seminar directors, and for professors teaching in summer programs.
  • A third mission is to provide support for short-term courses and summer academic workshops in a variety of fields, in order to further increase the opportunities for Miami's students and faculty and staff to lean about and to become familiar with Europe.

To fulfill our missions we have established and are committed to a number of specific goals:

  • To provide a comprehensive program that a) integrates classroom instruction in the Social Sciences, the Humanities and the Fine Arts, Business Administration, and Education, related supervised field study and language classes in French and German b) provides the opportunity to participate in the daily life of a household in a foreign country and c) encourages educational travel to other parts of Europe, both as course related study tours and in pursuit of individual interests.
  • To provide Miami faculty and staff with teaching and research opportunities at MUDEC and in Europe, in form of core course teaching and visiting scholar/professor assignments, to provide extensive administrative and logistic support in arranging summer programs, workshops, conferences, concerts and other academic activities; to make available the extensive range of contacts MUDEC has within and outside of Luxembourg.
  • To maintain and to enlarge MUDEC's contacts, visibility and reputation with diverse institutions and individuals representing the educational, cultural, business and professional communities of Luxembourg and neighboring countries.
  • To provide academic and cultural links between Miami University, Luxembourg, and the United States.
  • To search for financial and other support from outside sources.

Siyu (Snow) Duan, '18

MUDEC allows international students to discover their full potential in a new environment.

Siyu (Snow) Duan headshot

"This is the time to do the right thing: study in a castle, make international friendships, start your solo trip, explore European cultures. Be brave, become your own hero!"

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Heidi Hetterscheidt, '17

MUDEC travel brings history to life.

"Visiting historic sites made my studies come alive, seeing the places I was learning about in class."

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Bob Eckhart

MUDEC inspires love for international travel.

"[I] think the world would be a better place if we all had the desire — and opportunity — to travel more.”

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Jake Jones '19

MUDEC inspires students to become global citizens

Jake Jones headshot“Study abroad is for me because I am a global citizen, and I firmly believe that. “I love to learn about the world, and I think my view on life is so much farther reaching than within the borders of the United States.”

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Gary Van Cott '73

Studying abroad helps prepare students for life as a global citizen 

garycott500x500“I’ve never met anybody that had a negative experience while studying abroad. Studying abroad is a critical way to prepare for life as a citizen of the world and I think that preparation is going to become more and more important regardless of current politics.”

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Gregor Gilliom '88

Luxembourg gives students instant connections

Gregor Gilliom headshot“Friends in college become colleagues in your business network when you graduate. Having worldly experience shows, especially when you interview for jobs. It's something to talk about. When you meet someone in your career who has either studied abroad or been to Luxembourg, there's an instant connection.”

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Isaac Reynolds '09

MUDEC gives students real business experience through internships

Isaac Reynolds headshotOne opportunity I had when I was at MUDEC was to be an intern at the US Embassy. I worked in the foreign commercial service section and through that role I got to interact with the commerce department and what they did overseas. To interact in that office, to work on trade leads, to prepare a few trade reports for an ambassador, at that time it was Ambassador Ann Wagner, it gave me a real front seat into how global diplomacy was working in the framework of business.”

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Pam Archer '82

MUDEC greatly contributes to the overall Miami University experience

Pam Archer headshotI would say that my connection to Miami is Luxembourg. Today, I'm more involved with the activities through the MUDEC Alumni Association group and when I think of my time at Miami, I was in a sorority but the sorority sisters I’m closest to are ones who went to Luxembourg with me. I think Luxembourg has been the overriding connection to Miami.”

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Jessie Coffey '93

MUDEC gives students leadership skills for life

Jessie Coffey headshot“The biggest impact the program had on me is when I travel for work I always make sure that I look for the things that I looked for while I was in Luxembourg. MUDEC taught me leadership and how to be confident and those are two skills that I use every day.”

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Ashley Mickens '20

MUDEC gives students many opportunities

“I really love traveling and when I got to high school and started looking at colleges, I heard about Miami and their Luxembourg program and I thought, this sounds perfect. I believe that study abroad is for everyone. It doesn't matter what your background is and it doesn't matter where you grew up. Study abroad is for you!"

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