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Getting Started

Are you just getting started with planning your Education Abroad experience? Attend an Education Abroad 101 group advising session with our Peer Advisors!

Drop in at MacMillan 115 on Wednesdays, any time between 6-8 p.m.
(Fall and Spring Semesters only)

In-Person and Virtual Scheduled Appointments

Scheduled appointments are available in-person at 214 MacMillan Hall or virtually on Zoom. Please follow the instructions below to schedule an appointment.

When scheduling your appointment, please use the "Additional Details" box to indicate your preference to meet in person, talk by phone (provide phone number) or through Zoom/Google Chat. All appointments are scheduled in Eastern Daylight Time (Ohio time).

Drop-in Advising

NOTE: There will be no drop-in hours during the summer and winter terms, but advisors are still available for scheduled virtual appointments! Please see the instructions below.

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays

  • 2-4 p.m. in MacMillan 214
  • 9-11 a.m. in 1038 FSB Global (Wednesdays only)

Peer Advising, Wednesdays

  • 6-8 p.m. in MacMillan Hall 115

Virtual Advising, Thursdays

  • 2-4 p.m. on Zoom

Drop in Virtually via Zoom

Please be sure that you're logged in to your MyMiami account before accessing the Zoom meeting.

Scheduled Advising Appointments

Education Abroad Advisors offer in-person and virtual scheduled appointments daily!

Please note that Navigate only allows appointments to be scheduled up to two weeks in advance of today's date. If you do not see availability, it is because we are likely booked for those two weeks. Please refresh each day to try again, or come to one of our drop-in blocks.

To Schedule an Advising Appointment

  1. Log in to Navigate.
  2. Click Get Assistance.
  3. Under Appointment Type, select Oxford - Student Success and Academic Support.
  4. Under Location, select Education Abroad - 214 MacMillan Hall.
  5. Under Service, select your desired topic of discussion.
  6. Choose a date (if no appointments are available for the date you selected, other options will populate.)
  7. After choosing your desired date and time, select a platform (in-person or online platform).
  8. Feel free to enter any comments related to the appointment that you would like for the advisors to know ahead of time.
    • Phone: Education Abroad will call you at your scheduled appointment time using the phone number you provide. Please note that Education Abroad cannot make international calls. If you are outside the U.S., you will need to call +1-513-529-8600 at the time of your scheduled appointment.
    • Zoom
      • The Education Abroad advisor will set up and send a Zoom link before your meeting.
      • At the time of your video call, please log in to the meeting room using the Join Zoom Meeting link in the invitation, and the advisor will join you.
      • You will need to "Allow" Zoom to access your microphone and camera.

To Cancel an Advising Appointment

  1. Log in to Navigate.
  2. On the right-hand side of the home screen select your meeting in Upcoming Appointments.
  3. Select a reason from the drop-down menu and add a comment. Then, select Mark as Canceled. The message Appointment Canceled appears, along with your comment.
  4. Select Close to exit the dialogue box OR click your name on the left side menu to reverse your cancellation.
  5. You and your advisor will receive an email notification with the cancellation.

Which Advisor Should I See?

Option 1: Professional Staff Advisors

Application Requirements

  • I am required to meet with an advisor

Program Selection

  • Which program is best for me?
  • When should I study abroad?
  • How long should I/can I study abroad?
  • How do I talk my parents into the idea of studying abroad?

Academic Requirements

  • Which graduation requirements can I fulfill through studying abroad?
  • How will my credits transfer back. to Miami?


  • How much does it cost?
  • How can I apply for scholarships to fund my education abroad?

Travel Preparation and Safety

  • How do I prepare to study abroad?
  • Are there safety concerns I should be aware of?

To chat with a professional advisor, schedule an advising appointment in Navigate. Under Please select option below that best suits your needs, select Study Abroad Advising.

Option 2: Student Peer Advisors

Preparation and Travel Tips/Advice

  • What did you pack?
  • How did you use the transportation system?
  • Was it worth it to go abroad during COVID?
  • How does my phone work abroad?

Living and Learning Conditions Abroad

  • What is it like being abroad as a _?
  • What was housing like when you went abroad? Host family/campus housing?
  • Did you have to speak the local language?
  • How did you manage class in addition to everything else going on?
  • How difficult/easy are classes & assignments?
  • What should I budget for food and other personal expenses?

Planning Independent Trips/Tours

  • How did you plan independent travel weekends?
  • How much should I plan to spend?
  • How did covid impact independent travel for you?

Making Friends/Socializing

  • Did you have any friends going with you? Can you choose roommates?
  • Was it easy to make friends?

Keeping in Touch with Family/Friends

  • How did you keep in touch with your family and friends?

To chat with a peer advisor, schedule an advising appointment in Navigate. Under Please select option below that best suits your needs, select Peer Advising to speak to a student ambassador.