Document Check

Each new international student must meet with an advisor in ISSS during orientation for document review. At this meeting, an advisor will review your passport, visa, I-20 or DS-2019, and entry stamp for errors.

To prepare for this meeting, you are requested to upload a copy of your passport biographical page and a copy of your visa into our system, InterLink, prior to arrival. If you do not have a scanner, you may take a picture of these documents and upload the picture as a JPEG file. If you are missing a document, you may return to the site at a later date to submit when you are ready.

Complete the following steps:

  1. Go to InterLink

  1. Enter your University Identification Number (Banner ID) and Date of Birth. Your University Identification Number is your Banner ID which starts with a “+” sign.  This number can frequently be found on your admission letter.

  1. Complete the following screens:
    1. General Biographical Information
    2. Local U.S. Address
      • Please answer “no.” You will provide your local U.S. address during orientation in MyMiami instead.
    3. Your Personal Contact Information
      • Please provide your non-university email and U.S. phone number, if applicable.
    4. Emergency Contacts
    5. Passport Information
      • Be sure to upload your passport image.
    6. Visa Stamp Information
    7. I-94 Card Information
      • Please indicate that you do not have an I-94 card.
    8. F-1 SEVIS Transfer In Information
      • Unless you have previously studied in the U.S., you may answer “No” to these questions.