Resources for Advisors

The Miami University Dolibois European Center (MUDEC) in Luxembourg continues to be a first-class study abroad program offering Miami courses, community service, and cultural exploration opportunities. Consider passing along the following information to your students.

Save Miami Plan for Lux!

Students can earn combinations of a Thematic Sequence, Global Perspectives, MPF Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Science courses in one semester at MUDEC. Students must take a minimum of 16 credits, so they will be taking a full course load. Planning early to save these courses for Lux is essential!

While Luxembourg is great for Miami Plan requirements, there are opportunities for major-related coursework for some majors.  Ask the Luxembourg Coordinator for details!

Consider an independent study or an internship

Students that do not find their majors represented in Lux often complete an independent study while they are there. In the past couple of years students have written for the local newspaper, networked with local fashion designers, researched public health and created documentaries. The Luxembourg community is teeming with opportunities for locals to work with our students. You will find the MUDEC staff to be flexible and encouraging of independent studies. The only caveat - it must have a European focus.

Internships are currently only open to Spring semester students, and as an extension into the Summer of their regular semester. These students will spend 6-7 months in Luxembourg.

Get involved with the community

Students engage with locals by spending time each week working at refugee centers, food pantries and after-school programs. These activities serve as excellent learning and immersion opportunities as well as great experiences to add to a résumé.

Check out our new courses

Summer 2017

ATH 253L Metropolitan Europe: City, Society and Culture
CSE 262 Technology, Ethics and Global Society
EDT 255 Classrooms of the World: Comparing U.S. and European Schools

A highlight of this summer's program is that students will have the chance to participate in the 4th Transatlantic Dialogue Conference hosted by the University of Luxembourg. Here, attendees from around the world will gather to discuss cultural diplomacy, intercultural relations and what it means to be a global citizen. The conference will include keynote speeches, plenary sessions, round table discussions and panels. It will be a unique experience for faculty and students to engage with others from around the world in an effort to create bonds through cultural diplomacy.

2017 - 2018

CSE 151 Computer, Computer Science and Society (Fall 2017)
RUS 250 Russia's Europe: Envy, Fear, and Fascination (Fall 2017)
BTE 244 Introduction to Global Business (Scandinavia: Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility) (Spring 2018)
HST 275 20th Century European Diplomatic History (Spring 2018)
JRN 101 Introduction to Journalism (Fall and Spring)
JRN 350 Foreign Correspondence (Fall and Spring)

Study during the 50th Anniversary year

MUDEC's 50th Anniversary celebration will be October 2018. It will be a very exciting time for students to be there!

Observe application deadlines

  • Spring Priority Deadline: April 1st, Regular deadline: October 1st
  • Summer and Fall Priority Deadline: December 1st, Regular deadline: February 15th
  • Admission is rolling until full after these dates.