Choosing Means of Transportation

With regards to the itinerary designed by the Faculty member leading the Tour, the Assistant Dean decides on means of transportation based on costs and availability.


The easiest, most practical and efficient way to organize a tour with multiple, not too distant destinations is a bus rented for the entire period. Our provider, Voyages Emile Weber, is reliable and competitive (MUDEC has been working with Voyages Emile Weber since the program’s inception).

Advantages of traveling by bus include:

  • easy luggage handling and no luggage/weight limitation
  • departure/arrival at the Château
  • as the bus always returns to Luxembourg, students can benefit from a free return trip if they wish (it is rarely the case)
  • flexible and helpful drivers who often help to organize a late pickup
  • the bus can literally go anywhere
  • the driver is often familiar with MUDEC tours and knows what is expected
  • lunch bags can be ordered at the MUDEC kitchen and transported or distributed easily upon departure

Constraints or potential constraints of traveling by bus include:

  • driving regulations are very strict in Europe: break of 45 minutes after 4.5 hours of driving (it may occur for instance that a bus needs to stop for 45 minutes on a parking lot in the middle of nowhere just 30 minutes before arrival)
  • by law buses must stop for at least 11 hours at night: if there is a late event is programmed one day, early departure is not possible
  • there are additional costs for the driver’s meals and accommodation
  • the bus is not always the fastest means of transportation
  • long travel time not always appreciated by students

If a bus is rented for the entire period, the following rules must be followed:

  • Students are allowed to depart/return by bus to Differdange
  • The Accompanying Staff Member departs and returns on the bus from/to Differdange. An exception can be made if the bus returns completely empty i.e. only if there is no student riding and if the bus does not transport MUDEC material or suitcases, etc. In this case, the Accompanying Staff Member may request permission not to return on the bus. In such a case, rules for per diem and compensation apply until the end of the Study Tour only.
  • Faculty members travel with the group, but may also meet the students at the destination or stay behind upon termination of the Tour. They do not have supplemental compensation for traveling with the group and per diems are calculated/paid for only the actual tour dates (i.e. from the start or to the end of the tour).
  • Paying guests pay the pro-rated part of transportation costs regardless of whether they use the bus from/to Differdange or not. MUDEC does not organize stays, activities, transportation of paying guests beyond activities and accommodation organized in the context of the Study Tour.
    Paying guests who are children pay 50% of the pro-rated part of transportation cost. (The pro-rated part of transportation cost is the total price of the bus cost divided by the sum of students + Paying Guests.) Details regarding payment are handled by the Assistant Dean. Payment options are to be discussed beforehand with the Assistant Dean. 
  • A bus is not interesting in large cities where public transportation is cheaper and better organized. Invoices for buses are sent after the tour, so that no money considerations or no funds are needed except 5€ per day cash for the driver as a tip.


Train connections are good between Luxembourg and Paris, London, Brussels, but become cumbersome if numerous connections are needed. Delays occur often, luggage is limited and head count can be difficult. Train stations are usually centrally located and close to hotels. Many sites are accessible on foot or by public transportation.

If a train is used for the Study Tour, the following rules apply:

  • The Accompanying Staff Member and the faculty member travel with the group.
  • Paying guests pay for the cost of their train ticket if they wish to travel with the group (MUDEC can organize this if desired).

Train tickets are paid up front and delivered to MUDEC so that they are included in the Road Book.


Very rarely can a group afford to fly directly from or to Luxembourg due to high prices and our commitment to affordable Study Tours. However, if flying from Luxembourg, departure and/or arrival meeting points for the group are always at the airport.

Cheap flights with low cost companies such as Ryanair, Germanwings, Air Berlin, or Wizzair allow groups to travel fast and far. However, early booking is key. This is not always easy due to late registration of students and the possibility that they change classes at the last moment.

Most of the time, flights depart/arrive from the following airports: Francfort-Hahn, Brussels-Charleroi, Cologne-Bonn, Brussels, Frankfort, Saarbrücken. In this case, a bus is organized from/to Differdange if the group is large enough or a public transfer (FLIBCO) is arranged, usually leaving from Luxembourg City.

STOT makes sure all passengers are registered on time and the check-in documents are included in the Road Book.