Faculty Member Expenses

Per diems and transportation costs

MUDEC complies with Miami University’s travel policy. The Faculty member leading the Tour and the Accompanying Staff Member receive a personal envelope containing per diems. Per diems are served according to Miami University rules on the basis of a travel form prepared by the Assistant-Dean in the currency of the country visited (See Academic Personnel website for details on per diem rates).

With the approval of the Dean prior to departure, and if there are several meals provided during the Tour, per diems may be served in lieu of paying for the meal. In this case, the meal of the Faculty member leading the tour or the Accompanying Staff member must not be invoiced to the Center. If it is invoiced, the corresponding per diem and not the price of the meal must be reimbursed. There is no exception. The replacement of meals by per diem is exceptional as the primary purpose of the meals is to engage with other learners. Reimbursement only occurs in rare occasions when meals correspond to student-only activities or when most of the meals during the Study Tour are provided to students.

If students are provided with a given sum to find a meal on their own, the Faculty member leading the tour and the Accompanying Staff member are entitled to full per diems. 

Transportation back and forth to Luxembourg is provided:

  • In the same condition as for students when traveling with students.
  • On the basis of the shortest, less expensive, economy class ticket preceding the Tour or following immediately the Tour (i.e. after noon on the last day of the Tour). As the budget is calculated to be maximized for students’ activities, cheaper transportation can be chosen over faster within reasonable limits. Public transportation means are always favored.

In most cases, with the approval of the Dean, the equivalent of the fare that would be chosen by MUDEC can be proposed to Faculty members wishing to arrive earlier or depart later. However, the Faculty member must travel with the group depending on whether the class leaves or returns as a group.

If the faculty member leading the tour or the Accompanying Staff member choose to arrive earlier or to leave later than the itinerary proposed by the STOT, per diems will be served on the basis of the time of beginning or ending of the Tour (12 noon).