Reinforced Precautions on Certain Study Tours

MUDEC considers the assessment of the U.S. Department of State when making the decision to go on a Study Tour. Any Tour will be canceled in case of a travel warning regarding the destination. In case of a travel alert, or other circumstances which entail a significant evolution in the risk the decision to let the Tour go is made by the Provost (usually in consultation with the Miami Risk management team).

The Provost may cancel a study tour at any time.

The Provost or the Dean may request in given circumstances that reinforced precaution measures be enforced. In this case:

  • Students are not allowed any time on their own. The faculty member must find appropriate activities so that students are not locked in their hotel room for this reason.
  • All students must leave the country they are visiting with the Study Tour immediately after the Tour.
  • If necessary, students must be accompanied by a member of the Accompanying Team to their port of exit.

In case of an entire group needing to be evacuated for emergency reasons:

  • Emergency plans are worked out via de Dean’s Office. Therefore it is again of utmost importance to have a functioning cell phone.
  • Important reminder: in emergencies, money does not matter; communication does.