Summer Workshop Estimated Costs, 2018

  • Please be aware of fluctuations in the dollar-euro exchange rate.
  • Some figures are estimates and are subject to change.
  • Travel and miscellaneous living expense amounts are ESTIMATES based on information provided by former students of all socioeconomic backgrounds.
A. Academic
Item OH-Resident Non-OH Resident
Tuition/fees (workshop registration form)1 $5040.00 $8,322.52
Study Abroad Administrative Fee $175.00 $175.00
SUBTOTAL $5,215.00 $11,093.21

1Based on 2016-17 Summer Tuition and fees for 9 credit hours. This Non-Ohio Residents rate reflects a discounted tuition rate approved for non-Ohio residents participating in this study abroad/away program. This discount is considered a waiver. Per University policy, only one tuition waiver can be applied to an individual student per term, but the highest waiver rate will be automatically applied.

B. Program Fees (paid in 3 deposits)2
Item OH Resident Non-OH Resident
Room and continental breakfast 780.00 780.00
Meal plan (4 mid-day lunches per week in castle) 265.00 265.00
Field trips with professors and activities3 2,000.00 2,000.00
Jumbo Pass (for travel in Lux ONLY for age 26 and under)4 105.00 105.00
Luxembourg Integration Program Fee 90.00 90.00
Luxembourg Student Activities Fee 60.00 60.00
SUBTOTAL 3,300.00 3,300.00

2These costs are based on 2014 rates. Please note that the figure may be slightly higher for subsequent years.
3If field tour costs are less than estimated, the difference is credited to the student’s account. If costs run over, an additional charge will be accrued.
4The Jumbo Pass can be used for train and bus travel anywhere in the country of Luxembourg and is good for one year.

C. Estimated Variable Costs5
Item OH Resident Non-OH Resident
Estimated round trip airfare. Fares and taxes vary.6 1,400.00 1,400.00
Geoblue Insurance - required by Miami7 98.00 98.00
MUlaa (recommended but not required)8 125.00 125.00
Miscellaneous living expenses (includes other meals) 1,377.00 1,377.00
Weekend traveling (includes cultural activities)9
1,000.00 1,000.00
Local travel (Jumbo Pass pays for all Lux public transportation) 0.00 0.00
SUBTOTAL 4,000.00 4,000.00

5Students tend to travel at a less expensive rate than the average tourist. These figures depend on the exchange rate and personal spending habits which can vary greatly. Those students who travel the traditional student way (youth hostels, practical meal choices, few souvenirs) will have a low budget. Figure around 200 Euros per weekend (10-50 Euro for 2 nights in a youth hostel + meals + museums).
6The local travel agency, AAA Travel Unlimited, organizes optional flights that depart a few US cities each semester and will always arrive in Luxembourg. The average costs of these flights tend to be around $1,400. You are welcome to consider this option when the flight information is made available by AAA, or to purchase your own flight that adheres to the required arrival and departure times.  Keep in mind that if you are using US Federal Government funding for the program, you may need to comply with the Fly America Act.  Check with your funding coordinator.
7You must provide proof of purchase of the GeoBlue overseas accident and sickness coverage. Miami University has a contract with GeoBlue to provide not health insurance, but overseas accidental injury and illness insurance. It is supplemental to health insurance and would be used to cover not only non-routine hospitalization coverage, but can be used by the university to provide family member bedside visits or evacuations from locations should they be needed. GeoBlue takes responsibility for managing the care and the case and can provide guarantee of payment to international providers, which does not leave the student or program director in a position to have to provide immediate out-of-pocket costs.
8MUlaa is a debit account available to all current faculty, staff, and students. It can be used for a wide variety of purchases. Everyone has a MUlaa account; all you need to do to use it is deposit money into the account. See Miami IDs for more information about MUlaa.
9While traveling is important, academics should be your number one priority. Attendance is required and exams are given in each course.

Estimated Totals (A+B+C)
TOTAL for Ohio Residents TOTAL for Non-Ohio Residents
$12,515.00 $18,393.21