Arrival in Luxembourg

Miami is not responsible for flight delays/emergencies that occur whether for program arrival/departure or while on independent travels in Europe. We will do our best to assist in the event of contingencies, but ultimately flights are agreements between passengers, travel agents, and airlines.

Please remember that for the semester program, students must arrive by 1500 on the date of arrival and depart no earlier than 0830 on the date of departure. You must arrive on the date of arrival ONLY, but you may remain in the Schengen area up to 90 days after the program ends.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your departing flight/train from Luxembourg is at a reasonable time, allowing time to get to the airport by public transportation. A departure after 0830 is advised.

Flights to Luxembourg

There are multiple options for arriving in Luxembourg (airport code LUX) for your program:

  • Arrange an independent flight. You are welcome to purchase your own flight to Luxembourg, but must adhere to the given arrival and departure dates and times. These change each semester and can be viewed on the semester calendar on this website. The arrival airport code for Luxembourg is LUX, to use when searching and booking flights.
  • Arrange a flight through Options Travel, Miami's Official Travel Provider

Other European Airports and Alternative Transport to Luxembourg

You may choose to arrive to another airport in Europe besides LUX and make alternative arrangements to Luxembourg if you wish. Students and their families might consider choosing this option if a flight to another airport is significantly less expensive than to Luxembourg or if they have special flight privileges to certain airports. If you opt for this possibility, your arrival details must be noted specifically and in detail in the online application so we can coordinate a successful arrival with host families. The most common arrival airports for this type of travel would be CDG, ORY, BRU, and FRA.

Additionally, there are often connecting flights from other European airports further away that have flights to Luxembourg on non-US carriers. For example, it may be more affordable to fly from ORD-LON, then a separate flight from LON-LUX on another carrier. However, please note that if purchasing multiple tickets on multiple itineraries you would have to recheck your bags at the connecting airport.

*Miami encourages students to arrive at the LUX airport for the program. Arriving to alternative airports other than LUX and/or making independent arrangements to arrive in Luxembourg is not encouraged, but is permitted. This information is meant to be taken as advice only, and any travel booked by the student is solely an agreement between students, airlines, and travel agents. We will do all we can to assist if your alternative arrival plans are disrupted, but are not responsible for resulting consequences.

*Due to the Schengen area immigration requirement that students can only arrive to the Schengen area (incl. Luxembourg) on the date the program starts, no earlier, you may only independently travel to countries outside of the Schengen area before the program. The Republic of Ireland and the UK are not in the Schegen area, so you may travel to them before the program begin date. It is the student's responsibility to understand which countries are Schengen and which are not, and to travel to Luxembourg legally in accordance. After the program, independent travel within the Schengen area is now permitted for a further 90 days.

Flight Insurance

Miami recommends the purchase of flight insurance, available from most airlines at the time of booking. This will protect your investment in the event of some emergencies that affect travel plans. Miami does not endorse a specific flight insurance provider, nor do we provide customer assistance. You must speak with the airline/provider directly.

  • Private flight insurance is NOT the same as the GeoBlue travel insurance which Miami requires every student to purchase prior to departure for Luxembourg.

Airport Ground Transportation

For the semester program there will be the option of an airport shuttle pickup on the date of arrival, usually in the afternoon and/or evening. This is why you must arrive by 1500 on the date of arrival. There may or may not be an arrival shuttle for the summer program, but we will make sure every student has the necessary information to arrive safely with their host families.

  • Additionally, many host families will pick up their student directly at the airport for both the summer and semester programs.
  • Before departure, we will inform students about use of public transportation from the airport in the event you do not take advantage of the shuttle and/or the host family cannot pick up at the airport.

Please note that there is no end-of-term departure shuttle for the semester or summer Luxembourg program. Students will learn the transportation system well enough during their semester to easily transport themselves to the airport. Drop off at the airport by host families is often possible.

The MUDEC Luxembourg Coordinator can assist with questions regarding arrival details.