Community Engagement

Host Families

First and foremost, get to know your host family and express an interest in family involvement. Europe is not a "how can I help you?" kind of place. In other words, if you want something you must ask!

Host family involvement can often be the most accessible way into a local culture, and can be experienced on a daily basis. Do not be afraid or reluctant even if there is a language barrier. The MUDEC staff is happy to assist with making this connection and offering advice, if you feel that you are having trouble communicating with your family.

Keep in mind that some families may not be as interested in involving their host students in daily activities as others. Please make note of your host family preferences during the application process!

Global Buddies (LUX 335)

Global Buddies is a option as part of the Community Engagement track of LUX 335 (to be explained during Integration). This is a great opportunity to get to know someone your age from Luxembourg/Europe!

Once you take the survey, you will be matched with a student from the University of Luxembourg. Matching will be first come, first serve and is also based on the number of University of Luxembourg students that register. You will be notified if you are matched.

To fulfill the requirement for LUX 335, you and your buddy will have to meet/hang-out for a minimum of 16 hours during semester. Each hour/meeting should be appropriately documented using the sheet provided by Carli (to be picked up outside of Carli's office).

All Global Buddy participants will need to attend the "Meet Your Buddy" event on at the beginning of the semester. On this day, you will be paired with your new buddy while you enjoy pizza. This will count towards your 16 hours. Join our Facebook page!


Miami University Student: “The Global Buddy program has been a blast. My buddy Sara has shown me all around Luxembourg and has truly helped me to immerse myself in the European culture. I have met many of her friends and she has done a great job in including me in many of the events she goes to. She has taken me to some parties, hiking, shopping, and has showed me around the Luxembourg campus. Without Sara, I would not have been as comfortable to go out and embrace Luxembourg, I now have my own personal tour guide and friend. I could not be more thankful of all she has done for me and I really hope I can do the same for her one day!

Miami University Student: “I had so much fun with my Global Buddy! It was one of the most rewarding things I did while studying abroad. Being friends with a Luxembourger lets you see Luxembourg and Europe in ways that you didn't before.

University of Luxembourg Student: “Meeting new people is sometimes scary, but when I met Monica last October, I immediately felt that we were very similar even though we came from two different sides of the globe. The first time we saw each other we talked for hours about the things we like and turned out many of those were the same: mangas, movies and places that we want to see. I learned a lot about Ohio and how different it is from Luxembourg, and still somehow the same (except for the food, that’s very different in Ohio).

Together we visited the Christmas Market in Luxembourg city and in Belval, and we spent a lot of time comparing our lives as students and learning about each other's culture, traditions and points of views. Meeting her was for me like a visit to Ohio and to a place about which I didn't know much until then. This experience was completely new to me and I want to continue meeting new Global Buddies from the Miami University because it is the best way to learn about different cultures and the lives of people who do the same things as me and have a similar and yet very different life somewhere far away.

Global Buddies Facebook page


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Independent Study

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