three Miami students exploring Castle of Versailles in Paris, France; looking up at artwork on ceiling

Travel: FAQ

When are the study tours?

Check the semester calendars or the latest summer calendar.

Are meals covered on study tours?

Most meals are covered on study tours, but some are not.

Where do I stay during study tours and how do I travel around?

Students usually stay in a hotel, but it sometimes depends on the location. Some study tour groups have stayed in very nice hostels. The Assistant Dean and the faculty leaders will facilitate travel during study tours, whether you're flying or taking a train or bus.

Where do students lodge during weekend travel?

Weekend lodging is usually in hostels or an Airbnb. Sometimes hotels are more convenient, but hostels are appealing because they're inexpensive and students can easily meet other young travelers from around the world.

Is it hard to find lodging on short notice?

It is not usually hard to find lodging on short notice, but in the bigger cities like Paris or Barcelona, you may want to look into accommodations a couple of weeks in advance. This is especially true is there is a big event or festival happening in that city.

Should I always carry my passport?

Sometimes, but not always. You should always carry your passport when you are traveling across borders, as well as your residency permit when you receive it in Luxembourg. However, we do not recommend to bring your passport with you daily if traveling wholly within one country, Luxembourg included. If traveling within in one country, you may wish to store a legible scan of your passport on your phone or carry a color copy rather than the physical document. There is little need to justify the risk of loss/theft in this case.

There is a case where both recommendations above could be true. For example, you do need your passport and residency permit (when obtained) if traveling from Luxembourg to France for one week. However, once you are in France there is not a clear need to carry your passport with you daily as long as you remain wholly within France.

Please be aware that there are cases when a passport is necessary, whatever your location, such as when seeking to obtain a youth discount at a museum or checking into a hotel, as examples.

What do I do if I lose my passport?

Contact the Dean and he will assist with getting a replacement passport. You will then need to make an appointment at the US Embassy to receive a temporary passport.