Criteria for Level B and Level C

Except as noted in Limitations, faculty or staff must hold a full-time or adjunct appointment at Miami University to be appointed to Level B. Faculty or staff must at least have a part-time instructional appointment at Miami University to be appointed to Level C. For either Level B or Level C appointments, the nominee must have qualifications that meet at least one (1) of the following criteria:

  1. Criterion I: An approved terminal degree in the discipline.
  2. Criterion II: A master’s degree plus five (5) years of significant and relevant professional experience that meets the applicant’s departmental guidelines for tested experience. A department wishing to grant graduate faculty standing under criterion II must submit and have approved by Graduate Council, criteria for evaluating “significant and relevant professional experience” that is equivalent to the terminal degree for the graduate programs offered by the department. The definition of tested experience must be approved prior to nominating an instructor for graduate faculty standing under criterion II.

Graduate Faculty Nomination Forms

Tested Experience

Departments wishing to nominate faculty under criterion II must have an approved definition of tested experience BEFORE submitting the nomination.  Departments should carefully consider what credentials or experiences are required for instructional staff who do not have a terminal degree.  Once a department has approved their definition of tested experience, the Department Chair should complete the Tested Experience Application.  Upon submission this form will be sent to the appropriate divisional dean for approval, and then forwarded to the Graduate School for review and approval by Graduate Council.